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    Aug 21, 2018
    Hi guys. First time posting here. I love the woods huntin livin campin off grid in freezing snow. Lookin for ideas from the dooms day preppers and experienced outdoorsman . What I’m workin with is a 1995 Chevy Cheyenne ext cab short bed with a 350 and a 4L60E. Tires are 31-10.50-15 bfg rugged terrain tire on a 7-1/2” wide wheel. Full emissions delete with a 3” cat back mandrel bent exhaust with a thrush 2 chamber welded muffler exiting out side the rear quarter panel 45 degrees behind the rear passenger tire. Sounds great. Not to loud but has a good tone. Under the hood is nothin fancy pretty clean. Adapted a big block air cleaner housing for the bigger air snorkel. Runnin a paper filter. Amongst other things. Now I’m interested in seeing how some of you have adapted the rear of your rigs to accommodate your outdoor lifestyle. I’m thinking of insulating the truck bed floor and sides along with a camper shell insulated and building a raised wooden floor with storage under it. For clothes food supplies etc. then the bed sides could hold items as well. I’m thinkin a mattress could fit in there comfortably and still have some storage room while being able to make room for coffee book reading - down time. I have a good size tool box I love as well and I plan on building storage inside it to house oil tools then more supplies. I plan on staying out in the woods for lengths of time. Please feel free to shed opinions pictures comments criticism on my idea ‘ as that is why I’m posting here. As my idea is still in clay form.

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