New with a 92 k1500 Sport 4x4

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Mar 16, 2023
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northern NM
Thanks guys for the welcome!
I actually already checked out the 92 Sport write up at Thank you Rich for making contact I will definitely reach out with a few questions soon and be getting your decals!
I also found a couple recent writeups about 92 Sport trucks on

I've have been driving it off and on the last few weeks including a 150mile round trip along the interstate using cruise control and AC. I am still very impressed it does not drive like a 30 year old truck. This truck must have been assembled on a Wednesday :).

The first two things I'm going to tackle are the exhaust and sound system.

My father in law had his mechanic buddie 'fix' the exhaust during covid. He might be a mechanic but he ain't no welder. I would call this a bubba special.
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I want to do a complete exhaust replacment including headers. I'm not looking for crazy gains, im keeping the 350tbi stock. I just want it to breath proper and sound nice.
This truck literally fell into my lap I'm not trying to break the bank just do her do her proper.

Sound system
I like the look and functions of the Retrosound M2A however since I already have a dealer installed tape deck in the dash I'm considering installing a new Sony DSX-GS80 head unit. It's a powerful little 4x100 head unit that has its own amp and sounds great in single cabs with good speakers. However, Crutchfield says it will not work in our trucks
"Installation notes:
This radio's built-in amp is too powerful for the harness that retains your vehicle's factory amplifier"
I don't know if this is a generic response or specific for our chevys. I might find out.

Again thanks for the welcome. I will be starting a new thread for the truck on the 'Offroad Build Thread' sub soon.

Meanwhile I'll be lurking, researching and asking the occasional question that I'm sure has already been answered here at least once. ;)



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