Need help stalling issue

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Sep 18, 2023
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I have a 96 gmc c2500 5.7 vortec and I’m having a random stalling issue, truck runs great but completely out of no where it stalls, I’ve noticed right before it stalls my tach starts dancing between 0 and 1500 rpm and then stalls, if I give it gas when it does this is sometimes goes away, sometimes it just runs but has a horrible misfire then stalls, I actually had it once where I thought I was gonna see a rod out the block it popped that loud (my guess is it misfired on the cylinder I have an broken manifold stud on) but once it stalls it typically starts right back up in a couple minutes, I tried to diagnose it one time when it stalled on me so I took out the plug to test for spark and then abra cadabra it ****** starts with 7 plugs in like I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it, there’s no codes, I’ve replaced the cap, rotor, wires, coil, crank and cam sensor, fuel filter and fuel pump my next guess is an ignition control module but I can only dump so much money into this thing til it starts to seem pointless since it just does it again, please help

Edit-it seems to do it more when it’s hot outside but still does it cold