Manual 4x4 to pushbutton 4x4 swap.


Sep 12, 2016
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Knoxville TN
Reviving an old thread here, so the floor shift models have an electronic actuator also? Is that it? I have 3 k3500 4wd crew cab long beds dually and fleet side
I had a buddy with a Tahoe and I believe his actuator went out, I'm pretty sure the button was fine.
I recently picked up a 97 2500 454 extended cab short bed with the push button 4wd. I'm putting a denali/escalade center console in it so I'm glad for the push button. Truck has almost 300,000 and it seem to work fine, I am in Tennessee though.
I have wondered about changing the floor sifter out on one of my 1tons so I could do a floor console in it but sounds like it's a pain or maybe impossible on that borge warner transfer case.
I seldom use 4wd but I won't give it up either nothing so embarrassing as needing 4wd and not having it.
I also agree about IFS being good if your not going to lift your truck much more then 6 inches. I run 33's max and like to run around stock height, I belive a SAS requires a lift I'm not into that.
I've been working on removing the torsion bars though for 2500 & 3500 to use a 2.0 or 2.5 coilover conversion or coilover air bags for a better ride quality.
BDS makes a conversion for gmt800 2500 & 3500 and there is a guy making them for gmt800 1500.
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