Looking for info/threads on IRS swaps and air bag setups for the front

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    Hi everyone, working on getting info together on putting airbags and an IRS setup in a 1989 c1500 short bed.

    The truck is my dads, he wants to bag the truck on all 4 corners(not slam it). We can spend 5k on ridetechs whole setup but he is considering other options.


    Thinking about putting a rear irs out of a 90’s t-bird, c4/c5 vette, possibly a Bmw 3/5 series, etc. then adapting ridetechs shockwave in place of a coil over or something like this. I’ve found a thread on here of a c4 irs swap with good pics but no other swaps yet.


    We could order ridetechs whole setup with control arms and everything, or maybe there is a thread on here of someone mounting bags in stock control arms? I’ve been told the frame will need to be modified to clear the bag on a stock control arm but I know there’s gotta be some photos out there.

    As for some more info on the truck, just finished painting it, he’s ordering a L99 ls3/6L80 for it. The truck was completely torn down for the paint, so now he’s just kind of going all out and doing a frame off resto. We want to get the motor/tranny/suspension all fitted and together before we powder coat the frame so I’m just trying to get as much info on what others have done first.



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