Hello from Louisville!

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Dec 25, 2017
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Well Ive had both on short bus and my vote in my opinion is single 3".

I'm picky when it comes to exhaust sound that trucks been through 3 setups to get it where I want.

The dual sounded the worst, for one had a rasp that different mufflers, x pipe, resonators couldn't make right. And was a tight cluster mess underneath with the extra pipe under there.

Now I'm Y into a single exhaust and exit in front of the rear tire and has a nice mellow sound that's aggressive when you lay in the throttle.

May can try to get a sound clip if interested, I know they don't give the full effect but you get an idea


Gotta have 4 doors.....
Sep 18, 2019
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Houston, Texas
Me either!
'93 inside brackets are longer. I will take pics tomorrow.
What year is the chrome bumper?
I got 85% of the dent out in about 5 whacks of a 2# sledge and a 2×4.

The bumper isn't bolted in in the pic above. I shot the bolts with PB Blaster and will let them sit overnight.
Good to know about the bumper brackets being different on the rear, depending on age of trucks. The rear bumper on Rawhide had a dent in it when we got him, but recently that dent has gotten worse(and we didn't do it!). Too many a holes in parking lots that have no respect for other people's property....