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Apr 14, 2022
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Heavy duty easier installation door pin rollers!!! The roller tip is made from the same awesome material our bushings are made from. The body is a 17-4 stainless for added strength. These are designed to simply bolt in place of the factory roller.

***Huge note. These will NOT fix your issue if the door detent is damaged in any way. It needs to be in good shape other wise you will still experience popping. While these can withstand that a little better than factory it will still cause pre-mature wear.***

Installation tips!! I personally used a sawzall to remove the factory ones. I left the door ON. It would be much easier to go ahead and snag a set of our bushings and do this all at once. I cut the factory roller off at the TOP of the hinge and beat it out towards the bottom. Using the door spring Installation tool will save you a TON of time!!
We have started production on these, but have a light staff this week, but we would like to see some pre-orders rolling in to get a good idea on how many to make.
Any questions as always feel free to reach out to us and ask for Jeremy. 270-753-4474 or email me [email protected].


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