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    The Vortec 350 motor I bought came with Edelbrock headers. The headers came out of a 92 Camaro and are intended for 88-92 Camaros and Firebirds. I would love to use these headers in my 93 C1500, but I'm highly skeptical that they would fit, let alone hook up directly to my exhaust system. Since Edelbrock discontinued their exhaust division in 2008, I'm not getting a direct answer on using these. I got two different answers when I contacted Edelbrock. Has anyone used Edelbrock headers part #68752 in their truck? I attached two pictures (one of Summit headers and one of the Edelbrock). I'm leaning on playing it safe and buying Summit headers since I know they will directly fit my exhaust when we install the motor. Thanks for any help.

    Silverado Edelbrock Headers.jpg

    Summit Headers 1.jpg

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