Degreaser Stain Paint Correction

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Nov 17, 2017
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Late last Fall some diluted super clean spray got splattered onto the suburban. It was only on about 10 minutes before I washed it off, but that's all it took to leave staining on the paint. I hand applied some Meguiars #7 to all the areas and while it looked great initially, the stains reappeared shortly after wiping it off. I tried #7 a couple of additional times but was unsuccessful in removal. I couldn't do anything in the rainy PNW all winter but with warmer weather around the corner I'm ready to try some more aggressive approaches, and wanted to hear other experiences. The paint is a single stage and here's everything I currently have on hand:

Dewalt 5" DA & Makita 7" Orbital
Various Meguiar's
#83 Cleaner/Polisher
#82 Polish
#7 Mirror Glaze
#3 Machine Glaze
#1 Medium-Cut Cleaner
Nu Finish Polish
Chemical Guys 5.5" Orange Pads
Chemical Guys 5.5" White Pads
7" Yellow Pads (don't remember the brand)

I've done by own detailing work on previous vehicles but this is the first one that's a single stage. I'm sure the #1 will be too aggressive but I wonder if the #83 will be as well. I'll probably only have time to do 1-2 panels a weekend so am leaning towards using the DA rather than by hand.


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Aug 20, 2022
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East Texas
Definitely start with a good cleaning, either wash with Dawn or a regular wash then some isopropyl alcohol on the spots to be corrected.

Start with the least aggressive. Either the #82 or the nufinish on the softer of pads with the DA. Make sure your pads are clean. Pay attention to how much product and paint are building up in your pads.

Glazes are full of fillers so they aren’t really for actual correction but can be applied periodically if the correction doesn’t come out perfect.

Single stage correction is pretty much the same as base/clear, you’ll just have colored buildup on the pads instead of clear.

We want before and after pictures lol