Dashboard harness - 1995 vs 1998

Discussion in 'OEM and Custom Interiors' started by 4Birdman, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I'm in the process of redoing my 95 K2500 Suburban. My old dashboard was crap, actually shattered into a billion pieces when I started to take it out, so I'm replacing it. Also replacing the rest of the disgusting interior with a gray one.

    I have two dashboards here. One is a 95 and one is a 98. Both have wiring harnesses. I prefer the 98 one because I can put the passenger side dash pocket in place of the airbag instead of the completely useless shelf on the 95.

    Wondering if the harness in the 98 is the same as the one from the 95, or close enough to use. My current one is hacked to shit, and would be nice to just be able to bolt in the new dash without screwing with the wiring too much. I'm also swapping in an 8.1L with a standalone harness and an NV4500 so any wiring related to the Vortec vs TBI in there shouldn't matter too much.

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