Couple of Electrical Upgrades Projects- Help/Suggestion

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    I have a 93 Z71 step side with 5.7. Has quite a few options like cruise, a/c, power locks/windows, etc.

    I’d like to add remote keyless entry and factory fog light set up to it. Trying to stay OEM.

    1) Keyless entry- I have two original key fobs (93 2-button) and found the correct part # receiver unit in a Jimmy. Kept OEM plug from receiver and just need to wire it in to the system as it would have been. Because of what seems to be a fairly limited production in 93, I am struggling to find a useful wiring diagram telling me how to put the components in the system. Can someone help?

    2) Fog lights. I have factory switch and am waiting delivery on OEM fog light and brackets assembly. Basically same question as above. I will have plugs but can’t find good diagram telling me where to splice in etc.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who will assist. I’d be happy to provide all the information of the install to the forum once done to benefit others.

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