Censored words needing unblocked

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Aug 9, 2019
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Choctaw, OK
you are a hard person to understand Eric.

Southpark is one of the most offensive shows I have ever watched.

you think these words are childish? a cockerel is an immature male chicken, a C O C K is a mature male chicken. a pullet is an immature female chicken a hen is a mature female chicken and a chick is a baby chicken. a drake is a mature male duck, a duck is a female duck and a duckling is a baby duck. a gander is a male goose, a female goose is called a goose, a baby goose is a gosling and a group of geese is called a gaggle, such as, "a gaggle of geese." an immature male turkey is called jake, a mature male turkey is called a tom. an immature female turkey is called a Jenny, a mature female Turkey is called a hen and a baby turkey is called a poult.

do you find all these words offensive?

You should know that we home school our kids and proper English and terminology is extremely important. they have been homeschooled for 8 year now. that is irrelevant but I am far from childish. and I do take offense to the way you perceive me as an individual and seem think I'm some sort of pervert.

Again, it's not the words that make them inappropriate, it's the context in which they are used.
Sorry if you think I was accusing you of anything. I tagged you on page 3 as a joke, because you'd already referenced Beavis and Butthead. I try to be polite and watch my language, but I still enjoy B&B and South Park. I come from the George Carlin school of thought when it comes to language - it only offends you if you choose to be offended by it. Still, people will judge your character by how you speak, so in polite company I watch my mouth.


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Jan 14, 2018
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The Seasonally Frozen Wastelands
From another thread: Clearly "Hook er" needs to be un-blocked, as the formal name of a major automotive header manufacturer.

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