brake line diameter and fitting size

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    hey all, i have a 1994 K1500 suburban, and i tried to search around for a thread in here. so forgive the new guy if this has been addressed in here already.

    i want to replace the complete rear brake lines on the truck before winter, can someone tell me exact line
    diameter and fitting sizes ,, if anybody has bought a complete set of lines for a 1994 suburban with the kelsey hays ABS on the inner driver wheel well, as i said i would like to do it within the next month, thanks in advance.
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    I just bought 1/4" line to replace part of the main line to the rear, but I have a 99 3500 truck. All I did was put cheap HF calipers on the old line and measure. I'd recommend getting the Copper Nickel line from Advance. I was replacing coated steel line that I bought only 7 years rusted enough by the fuel filler enough to crack, while doing a fuel pump. The rest looked to be in great shape.

    Unless the brake line on the axle looks bad, or you've worked on it lately, I'd leave it. Mine hasn't been touched in years, and I'm not going to touch it until I do the rear brakes. I don't want a line replacement to snowball into a brake job, until I'm ready to do a brake job. When I replaced that hard line, I bled it where it connects to the hose.
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