Axle / Brake Redrill Fixture for 5x5 Trucks

Cunningham Machine

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Apr 14, 2022
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Something new we are offering is a redrill fixture specifically for 5x5 trucks. Now we fully understand this isn't for everyone. If you don't feel comfortable doing something like this then its not for you. We are also aware others sell similar products. We are just trying to give what our customers ask from us because they know the great quality we provide and our love for OBS trucks.

We are offering them in 5x5 to 5x4.750" (GM car mostly) and 5x5 to 5x4.500" (Small Ford).

Couple important things to check before buying. First off making sure your front rotors can be redrilled. Some year models have a step in the back and need a little more work to be done, but I know some of you guys are crafty and can make it happen. Next important thing would be to check the hub bore on the wheels you are trying to swap to. Again this is not a ones size fits all because there are other factors that need to go into play.

We supply you with a bolt on fixture that you rotate around your factory lugs. First drilling a pilot hole with the supplied 1/4" Drill and then drilling the 2nd hole with the supplied 39/64" Drill. These are designed to be used with a 5/8" Knurl 1/2" Threaded lug stud. Pretty common studs, but make sure your wheels will fit and you can find the correct seat/taper lug nut.

As always any questions please reach out and we will do our best to answer them.



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