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Discussion in 'Audio + Electronics' started by Joeyk94, Jan 10, 2019 at 3:12 AM.

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    Ok so I have a 97 ext cab 2 door
    So I’m planning on changing my front seats to the ones in the pic. While I’m there I’m going to build a new center console from the seats to the dash where it’s will hold my future cb, switch panel, 4 cup holders, 2 front 2 for the back seat.
    Well I also want to put a sub in there too.

    My question is I already have an under seat box for 2 10s up firing, I was thinking about putting either an 8 or 10 down fire. I know I would need to run the down fire off a different amp but would putting another sub in the spot be worth the Time and effort?

    The 6.5, tweeters, and 4x6 now 4s are all alpine type s
    The amp running those is a Rockford fosgate t600-4 and the subs are off a cheap 1600 watt amp. I was gonna run the under seat off a Rockford fosgate 1000 and the center console off a Rockford fosgate 500. I have the amps mounted on the back wall and like to keep everything proportional reason for going all Rockford


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    Mar 1, 2012
    Coming from someone running three amps and two 12"s in a standard cab, I wouldn't do the console sub on top of what you already have. You're going to need to use a significant portion of the space in the console just for the sub enclosure. Otherwise you're not going to notice much of an improvement over your existing 10"s. Not to mention wiring and finding a spot for another amp is a pain. I'd also be a little concerned about phase cancellation mixing downfiring and up-firing subs in close proximity, although that's nothing you can't get around if you have the capability to adjust the phase on your amps and/or head unit.

    I'm actually about to rip the majority of that system in my red truck out and go back to a less extravagant setup. I put it in the truck back when I was around 19 and I've found that the older I get, the less I feel the need to watch my mirrors vibrate in traffic. Not to mention I'd really love to have the extra click of seat adjustment that I lost to the subs. It was fun but these days I do most of my loud listening inside the house.
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    Yeah I wouldn't waste the time to add a sub in the console. It would be an almost negligible addition to what you already have.
    Use the console for more cupholders or something haha.
    If you want more boom get bigger subs and amp for under the seat.

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