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    Anyone have any advice for adding speakers in the doora and behind the seat. Regular cab. I think 6 1/2 in doors and 4x6? In back. Looking for something decent but not wanting to spend a ton of money. Factory speaks still sound ok but rear just wont handle any bass anymore. Maybe add a small amp later so want the speakers to be able to handle that. Jvc multimedia head unit if that helps. I listen to about anything except country. So anything from motown to iron maiden. Just recommendations for a good set of speakers. Thanks
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    You're talking about a '95+ truck, right? If so you're correct, the front doors will take 6.5"s or 6.75"s and have a separate tweeter under the small grille in front of the window switches. The rears are 4"x6"s.

    I always recommend the Kicker KS series when it comes to a good mid-range bang for the buck speaker. They use real rubber surrounds and silk dome tweeters, and they have really decent low frequency response so they don't distort playing deep bass. I'd suggest getting the component 6.75"s for the doors, that way you could replace the factory tweeter in the door panel with a new one. That would take some minor fabrication to get everything tucked under the factory tweeter grille, though. If you don't want to mess with that they have a coaxial version with the tweeter mounted on the speaker basket. The components will sound better and require more effort to install, the coaxials will drop right in but won't direct the high frequencies to your ears quite as well. Here's some links to the specific models you'd need either way.

    Front door 6.75" Components - 44KSS6704

    Front door 6.75" Coaxials - 44KSC6704

    Rear 4"x6"s - 44KSC4604

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