98 c2500 suspension problems HELP PLS!

Discussion in 'Stock Suspension + Bolt On Kits' started by Manuel Munoz, Nov 9, 2018.

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    I have a 1998 c2500 2wd that I installed 3in coil spacers to lift the front and left the back stock it looked great but... after a while I replaced the shocks bcs the oem shocks were too stretched and it would hit too hard on bumps and my wheels were too cambered. I eventually had to run Rancho 0 to 4 inch lift shocks, problem is that my wheels are still cambered, still hits somewhat hard and can’t hold the alignment at all. I was told to change the coil springs to fix the camber wheels. Has anyone else had this problem? Any recommendations? Should I just replace my whole front suspension?

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    You may need ball joint spacers to correct the camber. That's what the alignment shop recommended for my c1500 with 2" coil spacer lift. Mine is within spec but just barely. I replaced every suspension component at the time I installed the coil spacers and still have the camber problem. My tires are wearing even after about 10k miles and two tire rotations.

    I've heard Moog "problem solver" ball joints can help with camber issues... Never verified to my knowledge, forum rumor vs fact... maybe someone else will chime in that has more experience with the c2500 lift/camber challenges.
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