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Sep 17, 2020
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Southern Illinois
Since we don't have a 3500HD section yet ;) ;) ;)

Saw this '93 while cruising FB marketplace. Interesting truck since it's an HD, but.. well..

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Homemade extended cab with no details on how they accomplished it. Assuming the easy way - it's a 1500/2500/3500 SRW cab (note no cab marker lights) thrown onto the HD frame, which will mean a VIN to match, making it an instant fail anywhere you might need to get a wrecker inspection, or might catch a DOT inspection as the GVWR indicated by VIN and title will be way off. Or, if they swapped the VIN, bigger troubles ahead. Only way I know you could accomplish this 100% successfully would be grafting the two cabs together like my buddy Robbie did, retaining his original HD VIN tag.

Next up, the more glaring issue, the bent frame. Super common on the early HD's since they didn't come with the boxed frame section that came along around '95.

It's a 6.5td and is described as runs but "needs a lift pump and then gone thru"

18' Chevron rollback bed, actually I think a lot of those early HD rollbacks were 17' but if he says this one is 18' it's probably 18', dunno. It's not a lot of bed for modern vehicles you might haul these days.

Not trying to salt the man's truck, for $5K it's probably worth it or near worth it. It's just not for me.

I'd love to have that (without the 6.5) for personal use. One day....