1995 C1500 from scratch

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    Mar 28, 2019
    I've officially begun my project. I got this frame originally upon which to rebuild my existing truck, but it looks like I will be building a whole new one! Too many changes I want to do and yet I want my truck unsullied, so two there must be.

    This frame is a 1991, but I will be building a 1995 on it. So far, the only difference I've found is the idler arm bracket.

    Michigan Sandblasting in Redford did this blast and coat job. It's double layered and they were incredibly thorough, getting all up in the boxed portions to the last inch. I forgot one exhaust bracket though... oh well.

    Cost me round about a grand for the whole job.

    20190516_153003.jpg 20190516_153032.jpg 20190517_210943.jpg 20190517_211213.jpg

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