1993 Z71

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Mar 30, 2024
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Hello All,
Not sure if this is the right section to post this but I'm sure Ill be told if not. I recently received my dads 1993 Chevy Z71 after his passing. All the codes on the glove door are pretty much unreadable and I haven't taken out the seat or tank to check for a build sheet. I have not been able to find a truck with these specs out there and am wondering if it could have been a "special order" if that was possible then.

1993 Chevrolet Z71 stepside
V-6 with a five speed manual
Not sure of the correct paint name but is the green/teal color with the silver Z71 and orange offroad decal. Theis is not a two tone, all one color and original paint.

I've seen many two tone and V8's with the manual but not the V6.

Any more of these out there?
Also looking for a set of 6 lug center caps with the plastic lug covers and NO chevy emblem in the middle.