14 Bolt Full Float Drum Brakes

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Sep 28, 2013
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Houston TX
My cousin bought 5(?) retired busses at auction to scrap out. I've helped him a bit. Holy carp, these things really are a nightmare. Their build quality is sketchy at best. And the way things are routed makes less than no sense. I plan to try to never ride on one again.
Forever ago I went with the old man to pick up a DFW airport shuttle bus from auction. It was a fullsize model but shorter than your full length city bus. We figured, it's only seen airport shuttle service, it should be in reasonably decent shape. Took a gang of jump boxes with us and got it fired up pretty quickly. We're hustling down the highway with it and it started spewing oil out of the exhaust and quit, right around Waco, not quite halfway to our destination, LaGrange. My dad knows older diesels and said, "F it" called a competitor of ours that had heavy wreckers and a Landoll trailer (we had big wreckers too but no Landoll) and sold it to him at a tiny profit - enough to where we didn't lose anything but our time, and the guy bought it to scrap out/part out.