1 ton denali dually build

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    So the other day I stumbled across a 94 k3500 crew cab dually 454 5spd (told me synchronizers are starting to go) that needs work for a good price and said what the hell why not. The cab itself is pretty good rockers and cab corners but the front clip is damaged, seats are pretty beat and the bed needs a lot of love (prob replace it or go flat). But I just happen to have a 99 yukon denali sitting in my field that I bought for spare parts for my 99 escalade and thought what the hell, why not just get the truck and swap everything over from the Yukon.

    Had to fight like hell when I got my plate and transfered the title because it was registered and titled at 8500lbs and they told me they wouldn't give me a class 4 10k rating. After calling penndot, showing them specs from gm of the correct gvw being 10k and making somewhat of a scene, they agreed to send in the paperwork requesting it to be changed to 10k. Needed the higher weight because over 9k I'm not subject to emmisons.

    So my plan is to swap the front clip off the Yukon, front/rear seats, center console (if I can figure out how to modify it to work with a stick), and I'm thinking I want to swap the dash over (I've read it can be done).

    First order of business though will be to fix what is broke. The one rear shackle is broke and the brake pedal goes to the floor. And the interior is a wiring mess under the dash, whoever had it before me did not do thing the right way and I even saw a wire nut used and no lights come on the cluster.

    Also learned that no matter how many times you tell aaa that your truck is a dually 1 ton, they will tell the tow company it is a 2500 single wheel.. Driver showed up in a c5500 and said we prob should send for the international rollback but he'd try it. First sign to stop prob should of been when we had to get a second bite on the tow hooks because when he winched in the whole way the back tires were still on the ground, second sign should of been when he had to pry the weight bars on the deck that try to stop from loading overloaded, and he Def should of stopped when the front tires were coming off the ground as he was driving. I found that part out after it was home, from going 35 in a 55 for 15 miles.

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    Did you ever start

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