1. M

    Drivers side high beam not working after LED swap ‘95 Chevy k2500

    Hey I’ve got a ‘95 Chevy K2500, swapped out headlights and high beams for LED bulb kit. Headlights work great, at first had no high beams at all, replaced park L fuse and got the passenger side high beam working. now just the drivers side is out. Checked drivers side bulb in passengers side to...
  2. C

    6.5 diesel oil filter

    I’m usually running ac delco Mobil heavy duty or k&n what’s the one you think is best?
  3. C

    Chevy gmt400 alarm

    Anyone install a alarm in there gmt400? I have a 1992 and looking to install a alarm what’s a good quality alarm and how to install it?
  4. C

    Where to find a radiator 6.5 diesel 1992

    Hi guys I’m looking for a radiator for a 6.5 diesel but for a 1992 and I can’t find one anywhere on diesel site it shows 1994 and up and I need one for a 1992
  5. D

    EGR Delete

    Hey all so I got new JBA long tube headers for my 98 GMC k2500 7.4l and I brought it into the shop and was told I would need an EGR Delete. Well I can’t for the life of me find anything for my 7.4l, I can find stuff for every other but none for mine. I’m wondering if any of you can either point...
  6. Lawrence Taylor

    89 chevy k2500 lift advice

    Hey guys. Ive a 89 k2500 Scottsdale xcab LB with tbi350, TH400, and 241c. I just ordered the rough country 3" body lift kit and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these kits? I want to be able to run 315/75r16 (roughly 35s) after the body lift but i dont know about clearance. As of...
  7. I

    Hello from NY 97 K2500 6.5

    Hi my name is Ivan and this is my first time joining a forum, I currently have a 1997 GMC K2500 with the 6.5. It’s kind of beat up with 330k miles but it was a good price and runs pretty well. I needed a truck to drive while I’m restoring my 86 c10. But with “good deals” comes headache issues...
  8. J

    Random shutdown/IAC goofiness

    Howdy fellers. I'm about to drag up a very tired subject, so be prepared ;) My K2500 (1995, TBI, 7.4) Has been giving me some very frustrating issues as of late. Seemingly without warning, it'll shut itself off. Can happen at an idle, or when I'm coasting to a stop, or even under light...
  9. Repstar

    Electric issues with 4x4, fan & dash lights

    Hey All, Looking for a bit of help on some electrical issues I'm having with my 2000 K2500 (has the 454 in it). Some of the dash warning lights started flickering on and off a while back (ABS/seatbelt/e-brake) but not a big deal. Truck still started and ran fine, then the ac blower fan would...
  10. Dravec

    Ok y'all, looking for ideas.

    As title states. Looking for ideas for my K2500 Burb. All input accepted. Current theoretical plans: Winch bumper (thinking Buckstop) Warn M12000 winch Roof rack with LEDs New center console (possibly Expedition/Excursion?) Some sort of storage box in the back 6.4 F-350 auxiliary switch bank CB...
  11. Grayson B

    2000 K2500: The Last of an Era

    Hello all, Thank you for all your help on this page. I have been reading these forum posts for months now and I have learned quite a lot. Figured it's about time I joined and contributed to the page myself! I have a 2000 Chevy K2500 Crew Cab Short Bed that I got about 3 weeks ago. I had a...
  12. CBenZ71

    1999 K2500 Fuel Tank Swap

    Okay, so I have a '99 K2500, 4 door that has the 25ish gallon fuel tank. I have been looking at trying to put a 42 gallon Suburban tank where the spare tire sits(I dont need the spare because I have 35s anyway) and removing the stock fuel tank. I have the 7.4 so I only get maybe 10 MPG city and...
  13. Dusty Parks

    1999 454 running rich

    My truck is a 1999 k2500 ccsb with a 454. I just bought it this year and it’s been running really rich since I had it. I replaced the O2 sensors, replace all in injectors with a new fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator, new fuel filter, new fuel tank with a new fuel pump, then I replace the...
  14. Manmeyco

    Cost For Alignment

    Just curious, how much should it be for a 2 wheel alignment for a '97 K2500? Google says $50-75 on average, but wondering if it's more for a big truck.
  15. Jaydub

    Before and after thus far, what you guys think

    So far I have done a full tune up of course, rebuilt front end, bought wheels and tires, tinted windows, cleaned paint, repainted, lifted 6 inches, exhaust and some detailing. Probably forgetting things haha. Plan on still getting a full chrome front bumper and maybe doing headlights/taillights...
  16. Jaydub

    New to the thread, here is my truck

    This site is always popping up when I'm researching for my 94 k2500 so figured I would join! This is the progress of my 1994 gmc k2500 so far, rebuilt the front end, changed the exhaust, got wheels and tires, am in the process of painting it (blue two tone) then putting on my 6 inch lift here...
  17. BlastingBat998

    HELP, Crooked lug nuts, can't get wheels off, 14BFF.

    So I tried taking off my wheels today and as title says, Their crooked, I need help, I can't fit my socket between the lug and the rim. any ideas on how to fix? I'm fine with taking apart the axle btw.
  18. Bouncytruck

    A/C issues - 97 Sub K2500 454

    I have a '97 Suburban K2500 with a 454. The A/C isn't blowing cold so added a can of R134A to recharge it. The compressor engaged intermittently but not fully. I added a second can and I'm getting similar results, but the compressor is engaging longer. The second can had UV Dye. I ran a black...
  19. seth9199

    towing with a k2500

    I'd like to tow a 6,880 pound travel trailer (loaded with everything its about 7,400 not including other people in the truck) and the max towing for the truck says 7500lbs which seems kind of low for a 2500. Will my truck be ok? side note for the trucks made before 95 the max towing was 8,500lbs...
  20. HawkDsl

    5 speed manual question..Clutch slave side bolt on case;

    Hello all.. working on my 89 K2500 with the 5 speed, and have always wondered if the side bolt on the case (near the clutch slave), is removable. Looks to me like an access point to the clutch slave shaft.. meaning helps install the clutch slave and line it up with the clutch fork. I tried to...
  21. Tom Nassar

    1998 K2500 7.4L fuel pressure regulator replacement

    I am replacing my fuel pressure regulator, so I am taking the opportunity to replace the intake gaskets and camshaft position sensor, cap, and rotor. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed while in there? Fuel rail? Thanks
  22. strikk

    Sal's K2500 Dana 60 Solid Axle Swap

    I've been collecting parts, trucks, and tools for some time now and can finally my SAS is in progress. I sourced a 3/4 ton frame in excellent shape and with my luck the kid didn't want to pull the 350, harness, ECU, 4l80e, or tcase. A few weeks later my friend's father pulled the motor out of...