fuel pump

  1. C

    Starting Issue

    If this is the wrong place to post, I'm sorry I can never figure out any of these forums. So I have a 1998 vortec 5.7, and randomly about once a month, it will crank and turn over but then instantly kill itself. (I have a video but I can't attach it, If you want me to add you on snap, facebook...
  2. T

    1998 fuel pump lq4 swap

    I am working on swapping an LQ4 into my 1998 c1500 pickup and can’t seem to find anything on what high pressure fuel pump will work. From what I can tell the 98 was different than any other year. I have reached out to walbro directly and they do not have any info that will help. Does anyone know...
  3. LoCascio_Inc

    Aux Tank Fuel Sending Unit 15732147

    Is anyone familiar with this aux tank fuel sending unit: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-ep1002 Or https://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/products/Chevrolet/Fuel-Tank-Sending-Unit/2778335/15732147.html Will it have the proper depth to fit a normal 25 gal tank? This unit appears to be...
  4. R

    1994 Suburban 1500, 8 volts at fuel pump

    I'm back again with my never ending Suburban project:banghead: 1994 Suburban 1500, 350 TBI. I put in a new Delphi fuel pump, and the truck ran great, started easily and consistently. The truck sat for 2 weeks, it's now a no start, and only 8-8.5 volts at the fuel pump connector. Code 54. Can't...
  5. Angelo

    LP bypass to Walbro FRB-5

    For a 1996 6.5L, I got the LP relay harness from Leroy diesel that "bypasses" the ops, and plan on switching the fuel pump to this Walbro FRB-5. I found Leroy diesel also sells this LP bypass kit - but all it is 2 connections for the hard lines to a 3/8 barb and it'd run $29 after shipping. Does...
  6. F

    Eating fuel pumps

    I posted in the towing section because that is the main duty of the truck. 1997 K3500 7.4l 4l80e stock except Five O Motorsports injectors and Gibson short header and flowmaster 50 series I keep burning fuel pumps. 500 to 1000 miles (roughly). I bought the truck with a hole in the bed for...
  7. 89Sport16

    LSX Fuel Pump not Priming

    05 5.3 in an 89 C1500, returnless fuel rail with corvette regulator. I did the swap two years ago and used the newer 98 AC Delco pump in the tank. About a month ago, the engine started stumbling on startup, then one day it wouldn’t start and the fuel pump quit priming. I’ve checked the grounds...
  8. A

    Abundant Fuel Pressure

    Happy new year to you all! I've concluded that my engine is getting 'flooded' with gasoline. There used to an MSD ignition system installed that created a more powerful spark. This has been disconnected, I'd like to keep it this way in order to pass inspection. However the old modified fuel line...
  9. 1989k2500

    1989 looking for fuel pump suggestions

    I want to replace the in tank fuel pump soon. are there any suggestions for a pump? I don't want buy a plastic carrier, so I try to find a pump by itself. Are there any good plug and play pumps? thank you all for your help here