fuel pressure

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    Starting Issue

    If this is the wrong place to post, I'm sorry I can never figure out any of these forums. So I have a 1998 vortec 5.7, and randomly about once a month, it will crank and turn over but then instantly kill itself. (I have a video but I can't attach it, If you want me to add you on snap, facebook...
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    Engine hydro locking from fuel.

    Alright before I start my truck was stripped kinda. I was away for a year on the other side of the USA. Good chance they could have took my fuel injection and put in their truck cause his was messed up and there was a used tube of gasket maker in the battery tray. I get my truck towed back I...
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    Eating fuel pumps

    I posted in the towing section because that is the main duty of the truck. 1997 K3500 7.4l 4l80e stock except Five O Motorsports injectors and Gibson short header and flowmaster 50 series I keep burning fuel pumps. 500 to 1000 miles (roughly). I bought the truck with a hole in the bed for...
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    Low fuel pressure in first gear.

    Hey everybody! Due to the terrible nature of things going on I have been labeled non-essential and have been laid off. But never the one to sit on my butt, I decided to work on the old girl dealing with one of the most annoying features of the truck. It has a tendency to, when warm, bog down...