1. C

    6.5 diesel oil filter

    I’m usually running ac delco Mobil heavy duty or k&n what’s the one you think is best?
  2. C

    92 c2500 reg cab new seat ??

    Hi I’m looking to swap out the old bench seat in my 1992 reg cab c2500 What would be the best bet Ive seen people do new Silverado interior or seats from a king ranch Any helpful advice would be appreciated thanks
  3. C

    Chevy gmt400 alarm

    Anyone install a alarm in there gmt400? I have a 1992 and looking to install a alarm what’s a good quality alarm and how to install it?
  4. C

    Where to find a radiator 6.5 diesel 1992

    Hi guys I’m looking for a radiator for a 6.5 diesel but for a 1992 and I can’t find one anywhere on diesel site it shows 1994 and up and I need one for a 1992
  5. Jordan Eckert

    The overdone question of lifting a 2wd

    I have a 2000 ccsb c2500 and was looking at doing a spindle lift with 2” spacer and 3”. Body lift just looking to see if it’s doable. Already looking at the upper control arms from airbagit.com
  6. blackdeathmessenger

    94 gauges into 91 cluster?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I couldn't seem to find the best place to post it or any existing posts about this. Anyways, on to the background and question. I was kinda set on installing a 94 cluster into my 88 C2500, as I had had no luck finding a 91 cluster that hadn't been...
  7. dAT OBS

    Info on tbi 350 swap to tbi 454???

    Getting ready to replace the good 1992 350 with a good 1990 454...I have couple questions Are the serpentine accessories brackets the same size Any wiring difference I know I need 454 exhaust manifold but is the OEM y-pipe different sizes Any more differences???
  8. Sportbike23

    Rear Leaf Spring - Rear Hanger - '89 C2500 8,600 GVW

    Just came across this and wanted to share. I'll lead with: Dorman 722-008 is the correct rear leaf spring rear hanger for an '89 C2500 8,600 GVW Wanted to lower the rear to level it out a bit before adding Air Lift load leveler bags. I originally ordered the Dorman 722-007 hanger but it is...
  9. S

    96 C2500 dies after 10 minutes then never starts..

    Hey all! I am actually posting this for my neighbor. He has a 96 C2500 ECLB with the 350. He bought it cheap with a blown motor, put another one in it, got it running. Well a couple of times it would randomly cut off, then start right back up. Now, it only runs for about 10 minutes after letting...