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  1. shaneroze

    Transmission is having a electric seizure

    Pulled the pan off today and the harness looked like it got wacked by something with only three wires left intact. Put a rostra harness in and changed fluid and filter and **** she rolls.
  2. shaneroze

    Transmission is having a electric seizure

    None of the wires to the tranny are pinched and the connecter is pushed all the way in, but I'm getting damn near every single code under the sun. Plus P1860.
  3. shaneroze

    Installing and correctly setting a vortec distributor

    One of the odder things messing with a distributor I've noticed that if I have if I have it set on #1 a tooth counter clockwise my truck gets hella more power and mileage but dreaded check engine light from the P1345. Set it back forward to the right tooth for the light to go out but I'm like...
  4. shaneroze

    The New Gen 2 Big C Tail Lights

    Haven't really seen much of anyone at all post the newer C tail lights, just the old ones. I've seen these on Protuninglab and VHauto for a couple months, and finally ordered a set and put them on. They're pretty kickass. for the red smoked...
  5. shaneroze

    Double din that doesn’t require cutting dash?

    My experience with the metra kit isn't too bad.
  6. shaneroze

    P1345 code assist. Questions. 1996 GMC K1500

    I've had my fair share of distributor fun ngl. On 0°, it will run average ofc, but I set it a tooth behind and have it set close to #1 the ******* runs like a crackhead on bud ice even though it's out of time
  7. shaneroze

    Anyone run these style rims?

    Fixing to do a 6 lug conversion on my 97, and I've been stuck on getting trail boss rims, but I'm curious to see if anyone have the new LTZ rims on their trucks to see how it looks? Second pic is mine.
  8. shaneroze

    Cargolamp with Reverse Light

    Has anybody tied the cargo lamp into the reverse lamp? In dash or out of dash, if so, what wires do I tag together?
  9. shaneroze

    Mismatched serial numbers on block?

    Doing my first engine rebuild on a 1997 C1500. It has factory gaskets and was never maintained right, and the block serial number goes as a 350 vortec, while the piston in it reads to a 305. Had a broken connecting rod and was going to change it out simply since it didn't scar the block at all...
  10. shaneroze

    Suburban mystery module in jack compartment?

    Probably something deleted from the extended or single cab since damn near all the wiring harnesses are identical.
  11. shaneroze

    Brake Lights Staying on

    Lose connection below the steering wheel where all the wires lead up to the ignition. It kinda lead me to it by seeing other people having similar issues and saying to check the connection right there, and I figured with how much I do extra unnecessary crap taking me dash out every week I bumped...
  12. shaneroze

    4 Hi Headlight Mod

    I really have mixed feelings, I love the chicken lights on this thing, but I know eventually I'm either going to the mesh insert on the grille I have now, or swap to a 88-93 grille
  13. shaneroze

    Brake Lights Staying on

    Problem solved. It is the boards. Working when they want to and not working when they want to
  14. shaneroze

    4 Hi Headlight Mod

    This is the only picture I got of them atm, they're done in a pretty **** way but they hold up well till I get mesh grille inserts. It's the plug and play chicken light kit from Walmart that I simply spliced the positive to the lows and the negative to ground and they work like a charm
  15. shaneroze

    4 Hi Headlight Mod

  16. shaneroze

    Brake Lights Staying on

    The directionals work no problem, the hazard lights, heh, the button for it is busted. Weirdest thing is it has done this before, but then randomly started working again, but now stopped working yet again
  17. shaneroze

    Brake Lights Staying on

    So I have this issue with my 97 Suburban that with the brake lights, they turn on with the actual tails but don't function at all with my foot on the brake. The third brake light works like a charm, the boards are new, the brake park relay fuse is a-ok, and I can't find a wire grounding out or...