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    G body coilovers and springs

    Wondering if the s10/g body springs fit a gmt400? Read little rumors here and there and they were mostly regarding spring rate and how it would be to low of a rate. I have the opportunity to get a set of coilovers that would be the correct rates (750 lbs) and just wondering if anyone knows if...
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    How to MarkVIII your OBS on a budget..!

    So I want to do this but I've been having trouble finding which pin is what on the bmw switch. Can anyone help? I'm buying a bare switch so the color coding doesn't necessarily help.
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    Engine oil level dipstick 1992 c1500 5.7

    Hi there! Long time lurker first time poster here. I am the proud owner of a 1992 rcsb c1500 with the good ol' 5.7. Problem is that the handle broke off the oil dipstick and I am having trouble finding one for the old tbi motors. Anyone have a part number for it or a universal one that works...