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    C1500 or LD drop spindle on a c2500HD?

    I haven’t seen much definitive info on this topic, but I am fully aware that c1500 or c2500LD spindles do not fit onto c2500HD’s due to the ball joints I believe? Is it possible to swap parts to run the c1500 spindles on my truck, and specifically what parts is it just the ball joints or many...
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    Installed height? Guide plates?

    I can have the heads on the bench mocking everything up for some time, just trying to map it out before I begin tearing into it. By spring lift im talking about the lift the spring can handle at its installed height.
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    Installed height? Guide plates?

    I’m getting ready to get on with dropping a cam in my Vortec 350, does anyone know what the stock installed spring height is? I’ve heard it’s 1.7 and 1.75, the springs I’m using are .560 lift at 1.8 installed height so I’m gonna be losing .050 lift out of the spring. I’ve taken in consideration...
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    What’s going on here?

    Woah , personally I’ve never seen metal spider cracking like that, could just be a rough casting like you said. Don’t take my word for it though
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    Ac won’t turn on after 411 swap

    From the directions of the swap on my 96, it says "you need to ground C2-55 for the A/C to work" That should answer your question
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    Anyone heard of these cams?

    Forgot to add the build, it’s a 1996 c2500, 5.7l 350
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    Anyone heard of these cams?

    After going back and forth with some people I decided to give comp cams a call and ask for a cam recommendation. After 30 minutes of hold and a 6 minute convo I was given 2 part numbers Cam #1 08-465-8 I’m not gonna add the specs cause the lift is too high anyways( also only says 87-95...
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    What type of rims are on your truck

    Did you have a tough time fitting the 20x12’s? I just impulse bought some and I’m contemplating on whether or not they’ll fit well and not stick out too far.
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    Pre-flashed tuned 0411 pcm?

    Does anybody know where I can get an 0411 Pcm that’s already flash tuned for everything needed?
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    Lowering kits?

    I also have a 96, it’s just a 2500. My advice is to just spend the money on a Belltech or DJM kit. I went with a 2/4 drop kit from EBay and the rear gave me a pain in the ass because the bolt holes didn’t line up for the front leaf spring mounts. For the rear you can get 2” of drop with just...
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    1999 tahoe 4 door lowering question

    Can’t say I’ve done one on a Tahoe before, however I might have some ideas. 1st: don’t buy anything from eBay and try to cheap out, didn’t work in my favor and instead caused a headache when the bolt holes didn’t fully line up and I had to redrill. 2nd: look at DJM suspension, and belltech...
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    Info on 5.7L marine intake swap

    Does anybody have any, or know anywhere to find an in-depth guide to switch out the L31’s intake to a marine intake? The intakes coming off a 305 mercruiser which as far as I’m aware should bolt right on and have no difference? But I’m unsure whether or not the specs for the injectors are...
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    Will this cam work?

    Any specific reason it won’t work with the l31?
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    Will this cam work?

    I have a 1996 c2500, the engine is a 5.7L 350SBC(The L31) I’ve been doing some research and found a good deal on a cam. The part number from Comp cams is cl12-676-4. The specs are 230/236 @.050 110 LSA .488/.501 lift I know the lift is high for stock heads so I will be doing some springs...
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    Best cam for stock L31?

    More fun to drive, fuel economy is of no importance to me. I’m not really looking to set a record for my 1/4 mile times.
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    Best cam for stock L31?

    I have a 1996 c2500 that I’m building and I’d like to put a cam in it. I Already plan on doing the 0411pcm swap so I’m aware it’ll need to be tuned. I’m looking for a cam to run with the stock engine that will increase the power, and make it sound like it’s cammed at idle. Any recommendations?