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    Adjustable proportioning valve for ABS Delete

    To dial in the front rear bias you can swap some parts. There are 1", 1 1/16 and 1 3/16 rear wheel cylinders that will bolt in. I do think the earlier comment about the sliding pins on the front calipers is another good tip. It looks like you have the 1.25" master cylinder as you should for a...
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    JB6 Brake Upgrade

    On my C1500 suburban which started as JB6 I used a mix of parts. I have a MC from a 1978 truck that is straight 1.125", the front calipers are the 2500 8200# larger bore and to keep the balance I put 1 1/16" rear wheel cylinders. This combo worked well for me including braided brake lines...
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    Wanting to lower a 2wd c1500 and looking for suggestions

    Videos up on youtube show how it's done. I expect you have the lower shackles already. The front leaf spring hangers are riveted on and will take grinding to remove. Shock extenders use your current shocks in the back if you find you need them. The suburbans have shorter rear shocks...
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    Wanting to lower a 2wd c1500 and looking for suggestions

    Get some 2" front hangers in the back, consider using the middle hole on the hangers for a 3" drop total in back. Cut the front coils one coil on the bottom side of the spring for a 2" drop in front. Proper lowering shocks would be a good plan but you can find shorter shocks from other cars...
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    Pitman arm

    I've used breaker bars for years. Careful with pitman arm pullers parts fly fast and far when they break. A trick that works simetimes when you have a running car is to loosen the nut then turn the wheels lock to lock. Sometimes the pitman arm will pop off on it's own.
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    I'm considering doing a 10 % a$$ job.

    Why not pop the servo out and see what you can with the band. If it already broke and not driving why not tear it down and buy what you need after getting a look at it? I wouldn't spend the time to pull a trans and not at least change the 3-4 pack. Lock out the TCC while in there and add...
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    '97 C1500 Power Steering Parts Selection (EVO Delete)

    If the leak is the fitting or adapter fitting all you need is the 96 hose and a fitting from an earlier truck. One my 97 suburban I used one from the 1980's it has the same hose connection to the pump. I have the fitting from a hydroboost truck and it's steering is a bit light but fine. The...
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    Radiator shroud hardware?

    Zip ties will work while looking for a proper bolt.
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    All replacement vortec distributers have .427" shafts!

    I may be a bit late to the game on this one but you could find a brass tube with the right wall thickness and drill a hole for the pin to make a shim or get some shim stock of the right thickness to roll a shim. Have a look at shim stock on mcmaster.
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    Temp not rising above 150

    Non contact thermometers are handy when troubleshooting. Check the thermostat housing temp is a good way to check a lot with no effort.
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    96' K1500 Braking HELL

    Sounds like the rears are locking up. Might be a good idea to double check the PN on the wheel cylinders. If you raid the parts bin you can find 1", 1 1/16" and 1 3/16" under different PN for various models that will bolt in. From experience I can tell you with 11" drums and 1 3/16"...
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    Bleeding Rear Drums..?

    I see it's a few month old tread but worth mentioning for anyone with this issue. OBS trucks are getting old to the point that some of the rubber brake lines can fail by blocking off flow. It happens from time to time one older cars. You can lock off pressure that causes the brakes to drag or...