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  1. Keeper

    The Official Vortec 454 Info thread

    Stock was 204/209, 480's and a 118 yes, I want a wide split on duration and not as much lift
  2. Keeper

    The Official Vortec 454 Info thread

    And I'll second that opinion from @fisher on the exhaust. Can't say I've had an intake that has made a difference, and I've tried a few, although I do have a Volant in a box to try. But exhaust matters imo. After having been thru a few of these L29's, I've pretty much settled into leaving the...
  3. Keeper

    The Official Vortec 454 Info thread

    I'd suggest starting your own thread for the truck so we don't sidetrack this one too far off course. It will help you keep track of everything in one place.... very handy. I can't tell what gears you have from that list. Is the actual spid sticker in the glovebox?
  4. Keeper

    Thinking GMT400 3500 Dually for Track Day Towing, Thoughts?

    And here I am about to pull the trigger on the exact opposite, downsizing to 235/85r16 on rears with 265/75r16 up front. Are you using a spacer for the 265's in back?
  5. Keeper

    The Official Vortec 454 Info thread

    Can you take a pic of the RPO code sticker in the glove compartment?
  6. Keeper

    Engines 101

    What engine is in it?
  7. Keeper

    The Official Vortec 454 Info thread

    How many miles are on it? Hopefully, those are original seats which would mean fairly low miles. And it's fairly rust free considering it's a Michigan truck (rockers don't count). Those vortec 454's need the stock injectors replaced, if they haven't been already, and then lower intake manifold...
  8. Keeper

    '99 c2500 Burb fun

    Yep, the Bilstein (B6 4600) 24-024198 are for K2500 rears. The C2500 rears is 24-024235. Not sure what the difference is though. Found out yesterday that the brake hoses on K3500 differ between Chevy and GMC... no idea why on that one either.
  9. Keeper

    Changing tires fast ‘ Going opposite ways ..Need opinions on what will ride smoother and be good for a 5k suv ”

    What is your lifted 2wd used for? What gears are in that rearend? What is the backspace on those 20" rims?
  10. Keeper

    Decided to build a garage. Now the fun begins.

    I think I suggested something about it before, if so, I apologize for the redundancy, but set up for some permanently running fans that run all year, especially in winter for mice. Either ceiling or scattered oscillating ones. Moving air will keep bugs, birds, mice and snakes from making homes...
  11. Keeper

    Mr. Jangles 99 K3500 CCLB

    ^^ That first pic is a classic
  12. Keeper

    My new project truck: '99 K2500 Suburban

    Ha... I had a #7 wire not fully seat at the plug the last time I did a tune-up on the dually. I was lucky enough that it was idling OK but as soon as I went up the hill and gave it some gas, it bucked like a bronco. It didn't take long to find/fix, but I wasn't trying to head out of town with...
  13. Keeper

    Thinking GMT400 3500 Dually for Track Day Towing, Thoughts?

    engine... lower intake gaskets, injectors, exhaust and a tune brakes... keep up with rear drum adjustments
  14. Keeper

    Collapsed Lifters 95 GenV Big Block

    I like that cam for a bbc towing rig. You were happy with the results?
  15. Keeper

    What is this piece called so i can order one or find it.

    ummmm.... we need more pics of that ride... please. That tailgate refresh came out nice. I remember you talking about doing it, but didn't catch the result. I'm still on the hunt for a nice oem GMC version of that band. What part of VA?
  16. Keeper

    Gmt400 Escalade

    Outer window seal
  17. Keeper

    Gmt400 Escalade

    I think it's just front diff and transfer case with z71... the big one that is visible from the front is called an "engine protector" or some such. The suburbans could (I've seen them with and w/o) have a third skid plate for the big rear fuel tank but would not apply to tahoe. I think.
  18. Keeper

    Am I underpowered?

    35's? Put some 4.56's in that rear end
  19. Keeper

    Really wish ppl would stop bringing me trucks with hydraulic fluid in trans

    Yep, I do cream, cinnamon and cayenne in the coffee... straight black eats a hole in my gut. The cayenne and cinnamon start off floating but eventually sink so each cup gets spicier and spicier as it goes down... yummy. Don't know about health benefits, but they certainly can't hurt, except for...
  20. Keeper

    Really wish ppl would stop bringing me trucks with hydraulic fluid in trans

    The cayenne I add to my coffee always finds my fingers later... yee haw when I rub my eyes.
  21. Keeper

    Short bed dually box

    99 and 00 only
  22. Keeper

    Having trouble with a no-start 98 5.7 vortec

    98? passlock? edit: oops... see above... vats = passlock
  23. Keeper

    3/4 Ton of fun - ‘95 Sierra

    star washer?
  24. Keeper

    Suburban driving me crazy!!!

    Does it do it when you are not using the cruise control? The two most common speeds that I use(d) the cruise control at (64 and 69) have had a problem like that for years. I just figured I'd worn out the cruise somehow and pick different speeds now. No more of those stumble/surge issues for no...
  25. Keeper

    stuff that catches my eye

    looks like a good deal for vortec 5.7's