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  1. HotWheelsBurban

    Spongy brakes, brake light on

    Fluid was low on Rawhide, so I bought some and topped it off. The light is still on after doing this, but the pedal feels good. We're in the middle of the trip to Austin for Lone Star Roundup....
  2. HotWheelsBurban

    Daily truck pics

    Saw this former school employee at Walmart this morning. Looks like a clean old truck.
  3. HotWheelsBurban

    stuff that catches my eye

    The 366 on the valve cover, that's a tall deck medium duty truck engine, right?
  4. HotWheelsBurban

    1991 C1500 in Florida

    Fixed it for you! Seriously, sometimes it seems like it all hits at once. We've got the best show of the year, coming up this weekend, to get ready for, and of course there's lots of stuff to do, and to prepare. And the truck has to be ready, or nobody's going anywhere.... So this lock issue...
  5. HotWheelsBurban

    1991 C1500 in Florida

    Yup that would be the "perfect" Burb! My initial idea with Rawhide was to get a camper shell on the bed, so I would have the covered cargo capacity of a Burb with the second row seat folded down, but still have the ability to carry 3 of us like in the Burb, and have the one ton capability. Of...
  6. HotWheelsBurban

    Bowtie Brody's Namesake 96 454

    Sounds like you'll have the perfect setup then!
  7. HotWheelsBurban

    Obs parts n stuff

    Good to hear! It's looking like rain on next Wednesday anyway, so I'll have to see what the weather actually does.
  8. HotWheelsBurban

    Bowtie Brody's Namesake 96 454

    The guy who bought the F150 King Ranch supercrew from me a couple of years ago, borrowed an equipment trailer to haul it to his place the other side of Lufkin (3 hours from Houston). He didn't realize the side railing was gonna be a problem, until we started to drive it up on the trailer! Had to...
  9. HotWheelsBurban

    1991 C1500 in Florida

    Re: lack of space in truck cab".... Imagine what it was like for us, going from Suburbans for 30 years, to my crew cab. The back seat always has stuff in it,and the floorboard too..... toolboxes, truck parts, jackets, my work backpack.....
  10. HotWheelsBurban

    My new truck

    Nice trucks, welcome from Houston, TX.
  11. HotWheelsBurban

    Reproduction Standard/Crew Cab OEM Style 3rd Brake Light Lenses

    I'll put it on the list for the next time I go. Hopefully next Wednesday. Went out today but only had time to get stuff for Rawhide. Planning on going back to get some more goodies....
  12. HotWheelsBurban

    Issue with door slop “When doors Shut”Combination worn latches or weather strip?

    If the pins were bad for a while, the striker is probably also worn. The door hinges may be slightly bent, but the door jamb itself may be slightly out of whack. Truck bodies are like cardboard boxes; if you move them enough they're gonna get outta shape.
  13. HotWheelsBurban

    Obs parts n stuff

    Lemme look next week when I go to the yard again. I forgot to look today(getting parts for Rawhide) but I know at least one of the trucks I was getting things from, was a gray 95-up interior. I want to go back next Wednesday and get some more stuff out of a Burb I saw.
  14. HotWheelsBurban

    What have you towed lately

    It says "hey dammit get that Phat Phord off my ass!" I would also recommend a weight distributing hitch, and the Phord is prolly a little too far forward. But y'all got it done in spite of all that....
  15. HotWheelsBurban

    Daily truck pics

    Saw these today. Green one w/busted mirror was parked on the street next to Costco (I had to go in early for a special project and saw it near the loading dock). Red one is a ecsb Z71, he was next to us too but couldn't get a better pic. White one lives on my work commute, and its people were...
  16. HotWheelsBurban

    Bowtie Brody's Namesake 96 454

    That looks like the truck one of my friends at O'Reilly's has, except his is white. We rag each other about GM vs. Ford....
  17. HotWheelsBurban

    New guy new truck

    Nice truck, like the "asterisk" wheels. Welcome to the forum, from Houston, Texas.
  18. HotWheelsBurban

    Free to me GMC 2500

    No telling...that truck is a weird one. Don't see too many Silverado crew cabs, and I figured the 5.7 would be less common than the 6.5 or 7.4. It's rated to tow 10K...and has!
  19. HotWheelsBurban

    What did you do to your street truck today?

    I replaced the low beam bulbs on my crew cab a couple of months ago, with some Hellas I got from Rock Auto. They were under $25 with shipping and they really made a big difference.
  20. HotWheelsBurban

    96 GMC K2500 Suburban Restoration (with a couple of mods)

    Good to hear y'all are having good results with the plastic 11 blade fan. Burbs has that one, but Rawhide has the 5 blade metal one. Neither one runs hot though.... unless you let the radiator get real low(once on Burb, overheated in January!) or the fan is not spinning (Rawhide when the idler...
  21. HotWheelsBurban

    Free to me GMC 2500

    The fan on my Burb is the plastic 11 blade black one. Rawhide has a 5 blade metal one. But they both have the HD fan clutch. I looked it up for Rawhide (97 C3500 crew cab, with towing package) and here are a couple of pics. If it doesn't look pretty much like this, it's not the HD fan clutch.
  22. HotWheelsBurban

    Acquiring Arteb Brazil GMT400 taillights

    The extra pin is for turn signal functions separately from the brake lights, correct? The 800s had this and I always thought the 400s should have....
  23. HotWheelsBurban

    New member from Saskatchewan

    Welcome to the family, from Houston, Texas. Your truck collection sounds like what Dad and I used to have!
  24. HotWheelsBurban

    Thinking GMT400 3500 Dually for Track Day Towing, Thoughts?

    Ford truck heaters suck, that's one of many things that needed fixing on the POS one I had.... And most of the parts are unobtainable....
  25. HotWheelsBurban

    Thinking GMT400 3500 Dually for Track Day Towing, Thoughts?

    My C3500 CCLB requires "planning" and prefers pull through spaces...168.5" WB. Even though it's"only " a 5.7 it hauls pretty well when we need it to. Going to be doing that later this week.... I'm figuring 10K# with truck, trailer and us.