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    ‘94 GMT400 Build

    Finally got over the “this is gonna be a lot of work” mindset and tore into the Tahoe. And so it begins, I’m really wondering if this is the issue I’ve read about the 96-newer HVAC wiring issues this lovely connection was melted together. I opted to cut the HVAC side of the plug because...
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    95-98 Dash To 88 Dash Swap.

    Getting ready to swap in a ‘96 vortec into my ‘94 gmt400. Would it be possible to make the ‘96 dash harness run my ‘94 dash? I really wanna keep the look I already got. Any pointers would be appreciated
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    ‘94 GMT400 Build

    Hey there! So to start off I just brought home this 1994 GMT 400. From the vin she started life as a 6.5 with 5 speed 4wd. Since then I’m not sure what the previous owners have done to it. Got mutiple stories and it had a 350 sitting in the engine bay chained up to a cherry picker when I found...