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    Strange Engineering Dana 60 (S60) - Thoughts?

    Hey all - I have an `89 SWB/SC that was originally a V6 truck. I don't have the axle code handy, but I certainly had some "mile-maker" gears (3.08?), and not anything that will be appropriate once I complete the powertrain swap. Earlier today I was looking around Rock Auto and was surprised to...
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    New Burb in the RVA

    Greetings from a fellow Richmond-er. (I'm in the Stratford Hills neighborhood.) I have an `89 SWB/SC. Originally a V6 Cheyenne, but undergoing some ride-height and powertrain modifications. I'm certainly not an expert on these trucks, but I've completely gutted my truck; notched the frame...
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    C Notch Brackets

    Oh, sorry, that would have been good information to include. The black oxide bolts provided with the DJM notches are grade 5.
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    C Notch Brackets

    I have a spare set of DJM C-notches, complete with nuts/bolts/washers and thin bumpers. ( The bolts are black oxide, 1/2"-13 x 1.75" long. The nuts are Nylocks. The washers are run of the mill zinc plated stuff. The bumpers are only about 5/8"...