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    93 Grille to 94 Grille Question

    Excellent post!!!! Is there any numbers stamped in those brackets? jt
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    ‘92 5.7 tbi stalls after tach goes crazy

    I have almost the exact problem (92 C1500 5.7 700R4, tach bounces wildly at idle). I have done (unsuccessfully) all you have tried. When you change out the ICM and coil, if you would, do the coil first (easiest), then try it to see if it fixes the problem (new ICM, then new dist did NOT fix...
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    8 inch trim rings??

    Anyone have experience with/actually bought a set of 3 inch trim rings from LMC (38-3773) or USA1 Industries (20626)? Looking for a replacement set for my 8 inch truck rallies. Question is, are either of these shaped like the original rounded truck trim rings or are they flatter like the...
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    92 Silverado speedo

    The answer to my question..... worn out output shaft! Apparently the reluctor spun long enough to wear the shaft a couple thousandths. Replaced it with an unworn (1.192) used piece, problem solved.
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    Piston ring install issues.

    Did you check the end gap on the oil ring rails too (the two that fit on the spacer in the bottom piston groove)? Also can you compare them to the old rings (if you haven't discarded them yet), for thickness from the edge that touches the cylinder wall to the edge that lays against the inside of...
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    Piston ring install issues.

    Did you clean all carbon from the ring grooves? If not it may be preventing the rings from going far enough into the groove to allow installation?
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    92 Silverado speedo

    Update! I smoked the converter clutches in my 700R4 (towing an unloaded box trailer in OD) pulled it out a have it on the bench to overhaul while it's out for a new converter. I found, after pulling the tailshaft, that the speedo reluctor does not fit tight on the output shaft...
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    88-98 Door differences?

    Looking at how the door panels and door pulls (closing handles) changed over these years, how did the inside shells change to accommodate the different door panels?
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    Best 8 inch wheel trim rings

    I have 87 down 15 x 8 inch truck rally wheels on my 92 Silverado. What trim rings is best for them and where do I get them? jess
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    Rear disc brakes

    This!!! what I really rather do, but my search for said parts has been fruitless! I have the unusual 1990 SS 454 rear end under my truck already, but of course it has the "crappy Leading/Trailing shoe drums". Can I just buy new backing plates/drums/shoes/hardware for a particular...
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    92 Silverado speedo

    The speedometer on my 92 Silverado works correctly driving short trips around home, but when I travel out of town for trips that take 45 minutes to a couple hours, it gradually drops down to about 40 mph, even though I'm doing about 70. I understand from researching other posts this may be a...
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    Paint color

    How could I determine the original color on my truck (92 C1500 Silverado, light blue) if the sticker in the glove box is wrong (it looks like the glove box insert may be from a different vehicle)? jess
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    Rear disc brakes

    Can a later model disc brake setup be adapted to a 92 model 1500 2wd? If so what works?
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    Tbi to carb.

    You're gonna get blasted for going "backward", but that said, a 3310, being vacuum secondary(engine demand operated) is a very forgiving carb. It will have 72 jets in the front if stock, you can drop a size at a time and drive it for a few days to see how it runs to try to increase the fuel...
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    1992 Silverado upholestry

    Is anyone making upholestry kits for a 92 silverado? You would think the aftermarket would have stepped up by now!
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    Where should a person source a new windshield?
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    700R4 towing

    How much do you guys feel is safe to tow with a 92 &00 R4? Should one keep it in "D3"?
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    How to determine which front bumper brackets?

    I have the 92 style grille and a gap between the lower filler panel and the back of the bumper. Is this gap normal for a 92 or has someone put a bumper on with the 94 up inner brackets? As always, TIA for any and all help. jess in ky
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    92 C1500 2WD front disc brake dust shields, available?

    I'm in SE Ky, Jackson, about 85 miles SE of Lexington. I'd be interested in some nice (or not SO bad) used ones! jess
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    Aftermarket remote start with key fob operated door locks

    PERFECT!!!! Thanks guys, this is exactly what I needed! jess
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    Aftermarket remote start with key fob operated door locks

    Thanks!!! Has anyone drawn up a schematic that shows this and the color of the factory wires? TIA jess in ky
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    92 C1500 2WD front disc brake dust shields, available?

    Anyone know where I can find a set (or have a set for sale?), aftermarket is fine, just need them to function. Rust has claimed mine. jess in ky
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    How to determine which front bumper brackets?

    Good to know (thought there was a difference), now is there any way to determine which I now have? TIA jess in ky
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    How to determine which front bumper brackets?

    Pretty sure my front bumper/grille/fenders/and hood have been changed, most likely due to FE collision. Trying to determine if it has 88-93 or 94-98 bumper brackets. Knowing this will help me know what I need to buy. Is there part numbers on the brackets that will identify which I have? Would...