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    Rear Seat , 97 Suburban

    75 bucks !!
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    Adding 1 to 2 Inches ????

    I have a 96 Silverado also so we can also apply the question towards that! And no!! I don't need to add 2 inches there lol!
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    Adding 1 to 2 Inches ????

    Truck and SUV share the same frame and suspension
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    Adding 1 to 2 Inches ????

    I have a 97 Suburban C1500 2WD. Looking to add some gabriel max control shocks on all 4 corners. 221k miles and everything appears to be stock. I was wondering if I could maybe add 1-2 inches to the burb without too much trouble and without screwing up steering geometry and ride quality?? I...
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    Lower radiator shroud

    5.7 vortec , 97 Burb!
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    Green Identity Tag

    What can you guys tell me about my trans from this green tag? Does it mean it's a GM reman??
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    Oil Pan Gasket and Timing Set

    I changed the whole timing set, gears and chain since im at 221k miles.
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    Lower radiator shroud

    I have a lower radiator shroud off my 97 Suburban for sale, $50 . Will ship.
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    Misfire cylinder #4

    My misfire with my #4 cylinder turned out to be a cracked head that very slowly leaked coolant into the cylinder . Took me 6000 miles of driving before i figured out what was causing the occasional misfire.
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    Rear Seat , 97 Suburban

    Seliing my very good condition rear seat out of my 97 Suburban, $100 takes it. Located near Traverse City MI.
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    9 months and 100 posts

    It appears im able to post now!! I will give it a try! It worked! Thanks guys.
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    9 months and 100 posts

    Hello guys , was wondering what i need to still do to post in the for sale section? Im at 101 posts and have been a member for 9 months. Still says insufficient privileges?
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    What did you do to your street truck today?

    I love it !! And you don't have to replace it every time you take it off like the stock plastic one.
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    04 Suburban 2500 build

    I really want a 2500 also , particularly the 6.0 liter.
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    1967 Dodge D100

    Now thats an antique and a head turner!
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    Keyless entry not working

    Mines not working either, it communicates but the doors won't open!
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    1996 Suburban Cummins Swap!

    Amazing swap!! Lots of pulling power!
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    3/4 Ton of fun - ‘95 Sierra

    Nice long bed!
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    1999 GMC Suburban K2500 DD

    That 454 obs is gorgeous, i would DD it !
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    New favorite coffee spot

    Light roast for me = more caffeine
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    Paint options

    Shiny with subtle flake!
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    Favorite beer

    Good ol miller high life Those are neat cans!
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    Midwest Roll Call

    Michigan here!
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    New around here

    Welcome!! Picture of your ride?