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  1. AirMdwn

    Custom bumper ideas?

    Just some 1/4” for the brackets and a HF winch mount
  2. AirMdwn

    Pig Pen's 89 GMC 2wd SAS Auto to SM465

    Are you going to try and tune the motor yourself or go to a shop? Pretty stoked for you lol
  3. AirMdwn

    Pig Pen's 89 GMC 2wd SAS Auto to SM465

    Definitely ditch that hood. I really like the cowl hoods but what about the nnbs 2500 hood? Lookin forward to your next build man
  4. AirMdwn

    My First SAS build

    Yes. Dont do this lol
  5. AirMdwn

    My First SAS build

    I’ve always thought that 33”=4” and 35”=6”. You’re gonna get 3” from installing the brackets plus your 3”body lift so you should be good. might have a little bit of trimming but not like trying to stuff a 40 on 9”
  6. AirMdwn

    My First SAS build

    Yeah, or you could just get a proper fitting shaft so you don’t add another possible problem area to fix a problem that’s easily fixed. But that’s my .02
  7. AirMdwn

    My First SAS build

    The smaller the tire, the less cutting and trimming. Also a lower center of gravity. I started with 37s but decided to go to 40s as my rig and driving style progressed. If I was to have a daily driver or a fun weekend toy, I’d do 35s. That D60 and 14b will handle anything you do on 35s. And...
  8. AirMdwn

    My First SAS build

    Suspension depends on what you are using the truck for. 47s are stiffer but have a lot better on road manners. 52s will ride great but produce a lot of body roll and movement unless you want to add a sway bar. Neither set up will really compare to IFS. When my truck was my daily, the 47s were...
  9. AirMdwn

    05+ superduty f250/350 dually differential wms to wms

    The srw is 72" and the dually hubs add 4" from my understanding
  10. AirMdwn

    What is all needed to run a simple sas with 40s on a k1500? Read these for info on the axles you can use. You're gonna need the Ford axle. Get a 2nd gen (ribbed) 14 bolt out of a similar year truck or Burban. They...
  11. AirMdwn

    1995 Yukon SAS Opinions

    I ran 38s and 4.88s for awhile and was happy with them. I didn't do much towing though. The hills kinda sucked because I was constantly shifting between 4th and OD. I think 4.88s for 35s and 5.13 for 38s. At the end of the day, it's not much different, but a little bit is better than nothing
  12. AirMdwn

    Sas 2wd 2500 quad cab short bed 99 obs

    I haven't done a coil swap, but you have a few options here. You are gonna need a adapter and transfer case with the electronics/linkage. Can get them from a junkyard or new. Whatever you're comfortable with. New drive shafts. Exhaust modification. I think engine cross member clearance. Not...
  13. AirMdwn

    1994 GMC C/K 1500 6.0l lq4

    The cobalt blue is slick, I've always like that color. But it reminds me of the blue oval. My vote is for white, but I might be predisposed.
  14. AirMdwn

    Pig Pen's 89 GMC 2wd SAS Auto to SM465

    Where did you get the sliders from?
  15. AirMdwn

    Straight Axle Lift / Tire Size Combos

    That's an interesting build. Did the truck some with the 465? What TC are you going to run? Sourcing a trans cross member should be interesting, might have to build one. How come the axle needs to go back? Did the shackle flip push it toward? x2 on the ORD springs. I've put about 500 miles on my...
  16. AirMdwn

    Sal's K2500 Dana 60 Solid Axle Swap

    Good ****! Keep at it, it's all coming together nicely. What front springs are you running?
  17. AirMdwn

    SAS front driveshaft solutions?

    Here's what I got going on. I can't remember the specifications on this set up exactly but basically it's a longer output yolk with a CV joint on the shaft side. The stock output yolk was having the same issue you are having.
  18. AirMdwn

    Straight Axle Lift / Tire Size Combos

    Thank you! Yeah it's a blast, we look forward to it every year
  19. AirMdwn

    Sal's K2500 Dana 60 Solid Axle Swap

    Damn that looks like a pro did it
  20. AirMdwn

    11.5 NBS Axle Swap?

    I have a question too, regarding the 14 bolt 10.5 with discs, do these bolt in? And from what years can they be pulled? I'm not finding any straight answers.
  21. AirMdwn

    What did you do to your offroad truck today?

    It's about 4.5-5 feet. I can get a measurement for you later. I'm not sure what you mean by override? Can I turn the isolator on and off manually? I can't do that, but it has an auto cut off. Should the aux battery dip below a certain voltage, the iso cuts the connection to the main so the aux...
  22. AirMdwn

    My 99 Tahoe 4wd build..

    Yup. At least you didn't bolt it up and install the axle before you realized
  23. AirMdwn

    Sal's K2500 Dana 60 Solid Axle Swap

    Mocking up parts always renews my motivation! Keep at it!
  24. AirMdwn

    Flatbed build

    I'm interested in hearing ideas too, I plan on flat bedding my rig in the next year or two