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    Suburban 95 5.7 engine versions

    Hello My truck is NA4 which means above 8500 gvw emissions. The manual says it has a lower compression ratio than trucks with emissions below 8500. What’s the reason for decreasing the compression ratio? My engine is probably not the original one, suppose it’s the lower emissions- can it run ok...
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    suburban 95 5.7- engine is gone?

    started while cruising and got worse. it's hard to hear in the video but on idle it sounds like someone is striking with a hammer on a metal, and when pressing the gas there are loud explosions from the air cleaner.
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    Advice about fan clutch

    Hello I got from the local dealer these part numbers according to the vin. He can’t tell the difference between them. My car is 95 suburban k2500 8600gw with a/c and 4.10 rear axle. Does it take a standard duty or heavy duty clutch? And what are the 2 letters codes? Thanks
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    alternator mounting

    hello got me a 124amp GM alternator to replace my current one which is probably an after market. 124 is what i need cos my car is 8A3. i saw in the parts diagram all those braces for this alternator which none exits now in my car, they were probably thrown away. are all of them needed or are...
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    torsion bars direction

    looking for pictures of your torsion bars front ends through the lcas. after reading here someone's post i can't let go the thinking that mine are flipped over and the front ends were installed on the cross-member and vice versa.
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    help with filling power steering fluid

    after changing pitman arm seals i wanted to fill and change the power steering fluid. did like in the movies- disconnected the return hose and turned the steering from side to side until me arms almost broke, but not a single drop went out of the return hose, and the fluid level in the reservoir...
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    fixing pitman shaft leak

    hello i got the pitman shaft oil seals kit with a new needle bearing. after installing it there's a gap between the circlip and the washer underneath. i think there wasn't any gap prior to removal. and still i knocked down the bearing till the end, and put the parts back in the same order. the...
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    removing lca

    hello the rear bolt of the lca can't come out because of the output shaft flange. what's the common solution for this problem? i tried to remove the shaft with a slide hammer but no success. someone advised to cut the bolt head, remove it and put a new bolt from the opposite direction, but i'll...
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    engine to tranny brace bars

    hello my truck is missing these bars. are they crucial?
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    help with 95 suburban 5.7 steering box

    hello got a leak from the pitman shaft, plus one mounting hole thread is ruined. thought to get a used box but there are so many different part numbers:( which other models and years have the same or interchangeable steering box? even for pitman shaft seals there are 3 different kits, don't...
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    problem with quad sealed beams

    i bought the units from lmc, and most of the adjusters don't work. the bolts just spin but don't come in or out so the lamp doesn't move. went and bought brand new gm adjusters, and same story- they just spin around themselves. 6 new adjusters, none of them works. eventually i had to rotate the...
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    exhaust swap

    hello is it possible to fit a vortec exhaust to a tbi car without changing the manifolds?
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    Dual headlights

    Got these from LMC. Am i missing something that the bolts, springs etc. are visible?
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    Tps install

    I need to install a new tps. Books say to put it on the shaft and turn it counter cc. to do so it has to srart from this point, and it doesn’t seem happy to turn. Youtubes show the opposite direction. I guess the books are wrong?
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    problem with window motor

    hello rear rh window motor opens when i push up and closes when i push down, from both rear door and driver's door. it doesn't seem the harnesses can be connected backwards. any idea?
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    Tbi question

    Hello Do the white gaskets go for the fuel nuts? And what are the other two? They don’t seem suitable for the fuel lines.
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    tbi rebuild- couple of questions

    Hello Found those two tiny pieces in a rebuild kit- what are they for? the old injectors have those screws in the middle, the new one don't, does it matter? and finally- the instructions say to put some 262 loctite on the screws. websites say that this is a permanent threadlocker that can...
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    torsion bar keys adjustment

    hello, in my 95 suburban 8600gvw i measured the key adjuster bolt and it's about 20mm from the nut to the head, the manual states 34mm without model distinction. shall i keep it that way or adjust it? and i just wonder- why are there different keys if you can just play with that bolt?
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    composite to dual sealed beam

    hello i bought from LMC the dual headlamp assemblies with the stock bulbs. need to figure out how to connect them. i found in the parts diagram there are 2 jumper harnesses for the lamps #12046532, they are available here and there. is that what is needed? where do you connect the 4 pin plug...
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    k2500 motor mount

    need to replace rh motor mount for my 95 k2500. all you can get for those mounts is chinese, not even acdelco. the mounts for 2wd however are still available from GM. is there a difference between them apart from cat. number?
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    new shocks for 95 k2500 suburban

    hello need to replace 4 shocks, want both on road and off road. i prefer oil over gas since i heard they live longer. there are bunch of types made by acdelco, am very confused. for the fronts for instance there are couple of HD, 525-55 and 525-36, and there's 550-178 which is the most...
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    95 suburban throttle rebuild

    hello looking to rebuild the throttle body, thought of getting new injectors but there are so many types. what goes for 95 suburban k2500 MT1 with federal emissions and above 8500 gvw emissions? read somewhere that there's 61, 65 and 68 flow rates. p.s- is there a site you can look up parts by...
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    dashboard "downgrading", from 95 to 94

    hello i really like better the mk1 dash, is it doable without too much pain? thx
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    suburban 95 height

    hello bought a 95 suburban k2500, i'm new to this thing so will probably have a lots of questions, but for now- is this the stock height or is it lifted? cos i saw suburbans that look lower, in fact i like it lower. thanks

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