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    HELP need a bigger oil pan SBC

    ok that clears that part up
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    HELP need a bigger oil pan SBC

    So the 4QT pan doesn't work because the pan is closer to the block at the front of the engine? Maybe I'm just ignorant on the topic, having never rebuilt a motor, but isn't the oil pump on the 350 SBC by the rear main seal? If it is, how does the depth at the front of the pan make any...
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    Yeah, it wasn't a smooth operation when I did mine, if you have a small pry bar I'm sure that could help. A little forceful persuasion probably wont hurt either, it's been a couple months since I went through this process so I'm a bit hazy, but I believe I was able to slip the bushing onto the...
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    It looks like enough room to me, maybe slightly less than what I had? I would imagine you could shove those bushings on (maybe easier to do that before trying to get the bar into the exact place) then muscle the bar into where it needs to be to get those threads started. Might take some more...
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    definitely cleared it up though. I'm unsure if not having the shocks on mine before putting the sway bar in made a difference either way, as I did raise my LCAs to make it actually fit, and that could still be done with or without the shocks there. I did find it more difficult to get the links...
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    oh thank god, it's not just me, I tried reading that a few times and thought I was having a stroke.
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    put them on the bar, then mush the bracket over the bushing, then thread in the bracket as much as you reasonably can (you DO NOT want to strip those threads) having the LCA held up a bit helped give me room to actually thread in the bracket, but I also didn't have the shock installed when I...
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    98 K1500 Z71 Font End Rebuild From High To Low

    went through this process recently, it can help to put a jack under the LCA and raise it up a bit, slide a stand under and raise the other side too if you need it. Those bushings will be tight to squeeze on, and if yours is like mine, you wont get it to seat all the way when first installing...
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    Battery Disconnect

    one of my Tahoe's POs put the knife switch disconnect on it, I haven't had any issues there so far. I think the knife switch would be easier to check if you remembered to connect/disconnect it than the knob type.
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    stuff that catches my eye Looks like a heck of a deal, if I could swing the dough right now I would buy it and start selling my Tahoe lmao. Those also appear to be FF axles, someone correct me if I'm wrong on that though.
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    Rough suspension

    max 65 for their max load rating, might want to look into your axle weight, and determine what percentage that would be (roughly) of the max rating you would theoretically have with two tires on each axle. My LT tires are E rated, if I loaded them up to 85 like the sidewall says it would expect...
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    Speed Issues

    What gears did your truck come with/have now? I was thrown off by a similar situation, turned out PO changed stock 3.73 gears for 4.10.
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    stuff that catches my eye

    I think the 2000 2500's were still gmt400, like the 3500 HD's were until '02 or so, I could be wrong on that if someone would like to correct me.
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    GMT400 - Community Scan Tool

    @Vanishing Point, as far as finding instructions, would this happen to be the same scanner in this forum thread? If so, there's the manual.
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    Can't find a source of front suspension noise

    Sounds like you are chasing down noise from your CV joint(s). Mine are about done but I have put off replacing them since I won't need 4wd for a few months still, and I get very similar symptoms to what you are describing.
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    @97Centurion are things tidy enough for that write-up on the swap? This is very cool and there isn't much out there about such a thing.
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    Front End Rebuild-K2500 Burban

    I've been using Mystik JT-6 High Temp. It's readily available near me and the technical data sheet suggest it has some, albeit small, advantages over Red-N-Tacky. Red-N-Tacky TDS: Mystik JT-6 High Temp TDS...