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  1. dave s

    94 Distributor Rebuild

    Dang! Well I guess I'll just keep my eye on the pick and pull for now. Thanks for the info.
  2. dave s

    94 Distributor Rebuild

    So I decided to rebuild my 94 K1500 distributor. Replacing it solved my two year quest to find an intermittent no start issue with the truck. Replaced it with one from NAPA and it solved my problem. Once I took it all apart I can't find any damage to anything but I got a new pickup coil...
  3. dave s

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome. That's a nice lookin truck!
  4. dave s

    Is my front suspension safe?

    I never knew the correct name for that style was a Stover nut. It's an educational day! Thanks.
  5. dave s

    my 1994 silverado

    Our youngest daughter fit into most of all the above read messages. Started at 8 years old actually. She was my buddy! But once it started it was in and out of hospitals, rehabs, counseling,jail, boot camp, you name it, she went to it. Our family suffered with her behavior for over 24 years...
  6. dave s

    Fuel Pump will not prime - 1990 5.7 Chevy Sport

    That is so frustrating to get a bad "new "part! It's happened to me in the past and I was banging my head trying to figure it out. Glad you got it running!
  7. dave s

    My first Chevy - 2000 K2500 RCLB

    Nice looking truck! Keep us updated. Should shine up pretty nice!
  8. dave s

    3rd Brake Light Gasket? …….Maybe

    My niece is a wizard with those Cricut machines. My gasket doesn't leak and looks good so I'll probably not take it off but I'll grab one next junkyard visit and ask her about doing one. It may take awhile, but I will get back on and post results.
  9. dave s

    Dome Light not working when opening door

    I vote try a new jamb switch. Mine did exact same thing. New GM switches were cheap.
  10. dave s

    And so it begins…

    I wish I lived in an area where after 12 years of sitting there would even be much of a truck left! Lol. That looks like a real solid find. Look forward to seeing more pics as you go through it.
  11. dave s

    I finally found me another GMT400!

    I like the rally wheels on there! Nice solid truck. Good find.
  12. dave s

    Octane booster

    I add some of the VP to the Nova tank every fill up. Keeps the ping away. I think it's the best one they have there at our local auto parts. That BOOSTER sounds interesting too!
  13. dave s

    Help! 89 350 tbi won’t run with timing advance plugged in.

    I would like to figure out its issue. Maybe someday when I retire I'll get it put back together. I'll be sure to update. :)
  14. dave s

    Help! 89 350 tbi won’t run with timing advance plugged in.

    I had the issue of my truck not starting intermittently. I had probably just joined this site. First tbi motor ever. I put in new fuel pump along with a pressure gauge. Thought it was fixed. Then no start. Replaced module in distributor, fired right up. For a few days, then no start...
  15. dave s

    Head Gasket between cylinders Knocking?

    That's a tough call. If it's a ranch truck I'd do a good visual on the cylinder walls and if what you can see of the pistons look to be good shape I would probably put a set of heads on it, reassemble everything and run it. It reads like you are doing the job. Might be cheapest way out. If...
  16. dave s

    94 K1500 Front Axle

    While looking the front end over the other day I saw my passenger side grease boot had finally gave up and grease had started to fly out. I had replaced the drivers side right after I got the truck a couple years back with a reman GM one from Rock Auto. No longer available. I'm seeing these...
  17. dave s

    Stainless Steel Door Strikers

    I put a set of those on my Nova many years ago. Still look like new!
  18. dave s

    New to GMT400 trucks

    Looks like a great project! Welcome.
  19. dave s

    Temp gauge reads low on '94 5.7L

    I don't have a solution but I have the exact issue with my 94. I have only changed the thermostat. Sender is on the shelf. I'll be paying attention to what you find out. I also used the IR gun and do see good temps on motor and heater. I haven't licensed it yet so it hasn't been an issue. I was...
  20. dave s

    Exterior Lights

  21. dave s

    who are the go to steering/suspension parts now?

    I'm having a hard time finding that Supersteer idler support. I saw one on ebay but it was at $350. I had a link to one I saved from on this site but now it doesn't show up on Supersteers site. Did Supersteer stop making them for our trucks?
  22. dave s

    Brake lines

    I'll add my vote for the ni copp lines. It flares nice and is easy to bend just where you want it.
  23. dave s

    Rust prevention

    I discovered the Surface Shield last year and bought a couple cases of the spray cans at Home Depot. I regularly spray an old square body I use for plowing, hauling mulch, junk, etc. and always used a concoction of clean motor oil, chainsaw bar oil and odds and ends I had left over through the...
  24. dave s

    Nickle-Copper brake tubing (Making flares)

    I've done multiple double flares with this stuff. And like Shannon400 mentioned, I lubed it up some, did not crank on it as hard as stainless or standard steel line like I had previously used. I also chamfer those edges. I've never had a leak but maybe I'm lucky! Let us know how you make out.
  25. dave s

    Do I Dually?

    I think that thing looks badazz! I'd drive one for sure!