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  1. WV_Dave

    3.42 to 3.73

    I think the parameters for locking and unlocking of your torque converter can be altered via a tune. It might be cheaper and more effective in your case. Worth checking into.
  2. WV_Dave

    Factory steel wheel beauty ring replacements.

    Is there a preferred source for beauty rings? Places like LMC truck don't seem to have them and generic sources like summit and amazon don't seem to specify what their rings will fit (or say theirs will fit their own steel wheel). I'm looking for 1994 C1500 15" OEM style replacements...
  3. WV_Dave

    Moog VS Mevotech Price VS Quality

    I didn't realize that it depends on the part, so disregard the prefix starting letter. Just make sure if it's Moog, it literally says problem solver in the description or on the box. Example: Moog problem solver control arm $92 and worth it. Moog standard control arm $73 and probably not...
  4. WV_Dave

    Moog VS Mevotech Price VS Quality

    Both Mevotech and Moog have rebranded Chinesium **** along with a much better product line that's worth buying. Mevotech's good stuff is TTX and Moog's is "Problem Solver." Avoid either brand's cheap stuff and you'll probably be OK. ETA: I like Moog and have used them almost exclusively. In...
  5. WV_Dave

    More horsepower/ pick up

    Will a vortec intake manifold bolt to a HT502 crate engine? No idea how hard it would be to find one in stock though.
  6. WV_Dave

    2009 Pontiac G8 GT - Daily Driver!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, the G8 GT has the 6.0 and the G8 GXP has the 6.2 (LS3)? Which ones have AFM (DOD) and which ones don't? Awesome ride! I'd love to try and find one soon before they become collector's items and priced out of my range.
  7. WV_Dave

    Am I looking for a unicorn?

    Only reason I'd want the diesel is so I can swap in a better diesel (duramax or cummins) and still pass inspection. I can't take a factory gasser and convert to diesel unless I want to run antique tags which limits me to weekends and holidays.
  8. WV_Dave

    Best axle for a sas

    Make sure the driveshaft is on the correct side.
  9. WV_Dave

    Can you bleed RWABS with the truck in the air?

    I've also wondered if you can swap out a late model RWAL unit (w/o bleeder) for an early unit that does have the bleeder. Looks like the same colored wires and plug.
  10. WV_Dave

    Copper shavings in oil? What’s going on!

    This. Pull the distributor and look at the gear on the bottom that rides on the cam. If you kept your old gear (bronze) and switched to a new cam that requires a steel gear, then this is my guess.
  11. WV_Dave

    Mystery pigtail brown and brown/white stripe

    My 94 4.3 has it. It's not plugged in to anything. Always assumed it was the hood light that mine's missing, but was never sure.
  12. WV_Dave

    The Stupid Interior Questions Thread

    That's the VSS in the tailshaft housing? Mine is leaking around the o-ring and has the area all gummed up. It was already on my list of stuff to fix. Does it feed directly to the speedo? I don't have a tach, and it's not a gauge surge, my actual RPMs surge a little when the speedo does it's...
  13. WV_Dave

    The Stupid Interior Questions Thread

    What sends the signal to the speedo in my 1994 C1500 WT with a 4.3 and 4l60e? Something odd is happening, while sitting in traffic in drive, the speedo will bounce up to ~45mph (sometimes twice fast) and the RPMs will surge a little bit. Very intermittent and only seems to happen while in...
  14. WV_Dave

    The Stupid Axle Questions Thread

    It's close, but the passenger side mount is different. There's an episode of Trucks (or Truck-Tech?) where LT swaps one into an OBS chevy. Link to video. skip to ~4:30 to see the part about the front diff.
  15. WV_Dave

    The Stupid Engine Questions Thread

    I have an ECM question. Pardon my ignorance, I'm still learing and sometimes these things aren't black and white. My 94 4.3 4l60e rwd truck has the 16196395 computer (BDXJ bin). When I check tuner pro and gearhead-efi, the 6395 computer is listed as an HD setup with the 4l80e. My bin and...
  16. WV_Dave

    35x12.50 on my 91 chevy k1500

    As stated above. You can get away with a 32" or a 285 tire with a few cranks on the torsion keys, but even 33s will rub without trimming and/or body lift. You need a real lift kit to get 35's working properly.
  17. WV_Dave

    Are our trucks now Chinese?

    Until the 16th amendment, the Feds had to rely mostly on tariffs. That helped keep the manufacturing local and the Fed small. Now we have neither.
  18. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    Yes. I just had the two tags mixed up. Above is the suburban tag. Here's the 2008 avalanche:
  19. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    You're 100% right, I was looking at what I thought was the RPO tag for my suburban (cell phone pic), but it was for my avalanche. After reading your reply, I went and checked again and realized what I had done. Thanks for taking the time to post that, the brakes weren't the only tree I was...
  20. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    Appreciate all the info! My suburban has JD9 brakes (hydroboost and 13" drums) and it feels way better compared to the truck. I'm going to go back over everything again and check for any of the problems I didn't know to look for earlier. I'll update soon with results. ETA: Does anyone know...
  21. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    Here is a link to SSBC's "firm feel" master cylinder: It's over $300 and comes as part of the $1k+ kit if you get their rear disc brake conversion. It appears, at least on the outside to just be a 99-06 NBS master cylinder with an adapter screwed in...
  22. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    Is there a bolt on upgrade to the stock 10" rear drum system if you keep the 8.5" 10 bolt diff? ETA: I didn't mean to imply my light was on. It works fine. Comes on for a couple seconds at startup and goes off. When a brake line burst, the light came on like it should have. My problem...
  23. WV_Dave

    Early ABS Hydraulic Unit (RWAL)

    My 94 C1500 has the wonderful JB5 brakes. I'm going through it, replacing the bad stuff and trying to narrow down the awful pedal feel. I keep seeing posts about the notorious RWAL. I've seen a lot of threads about deleting the hydraulic unit. From what I've read, this part gets gunk in the...
  24. WV_Dave

    The Member Truck Thread

    Found another gem. 1994 2wd long bed WT. 4.3 auto with A/C. Very straight and rust free (rare for rust belt trucks). 150k on the odo but appeared well taken care of. Felt like I stole it at $2400. Needed tires, front brakes and tie rods/pitman/idler. Road worthy now and ready for further...