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    Stock air filter question. Can I get rid of all the plastic crap?

    or remove the flapper and replace the box with a smooth tube.
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    Camper Shell Wiring

    they make a box you can tie to both brake lights to create a 3rd brake light wire.
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    Cs130 alt to ad244 swap tbi

    get the belt for factory ho alt. also both conectors at metra pack 150 so you can just swap the pins and not have to do any splicing.
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    my TBI builds

    get in touch with Eagle Mark. he knows what he is doing ask me how i know (check my sig) :Big Laugh:
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    Rear 4x6 speaker install help

    sound stage, that is why. think of a concert, were is the band? in front of you not behind you. you could fade to front but then why put them in to begin with. just use the money you save and get a better set of fronts and you wont even know the rears are gone. the only time i use rear speakers...
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    Rear 4x6 speaker install help

    i run rockford fosgate 6.75 t2 components in the doors with tweeters custom mounted in stock location(aimed better) off a rf punch 400-2 amp. single 10 under back seat off a 300-1 and rear speakers unhooked it sounds amazing after a few hours of tuning after breaking everything in. the whole...
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    Did some one say "what's a ball joint flip"

    you know grade 8 and 10.9 are different rating systems right?
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    350 tbi rebuild, help please is a good place to get info but what ever you do DON'T get a chip from him.
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    Rear 4x6 speaker install help

    i would say unhook the rears and use the money and put it toward better front speakers and an amp.
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    96-98 Vortec Alternator Upgrade AD244

    did the ad244 swap Saturday. after some searching I found that both lugs use metra pak 150 connectors so there was no splicing needed. just swap the wire. had an issue with no charging. turned out to be a bad ground so I added a ground to the case by drilling and tapping a hole.
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    454 dually pretty clean!

    did anyone notice that it was lowered at one time. look at the frame it has c notches welded in. and they never removed the shim from the carrier bearing when they lifted it.
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    Frame coating?

    just regular gloss black wire brushed off degreased and brushed on. i bought a spray can and sprayed up into the rails and into the areas i could not get a brush. the only area on my truck not done is the top and inside of the frame directly under the cab. i had the bed, tank, drivetrain, front...
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    Frame coating?

    i have done my back half 3 times now first was just undercoating lasted one summer before needing to be re done second was por 15. lasted 3 months of summer before all coming off third was rustolem gloss black going into second winter and still looks like the day I did it. i have since used...
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    Speaker Write Up

    add to op: suv's have 4x10's in the rear roof. but there are no high quality replacement. most just remove them. suv's also have a factory amp to power the added speakers. 88-94 have a very shallow mount depth in the dash. 95-98 with power windows have a stock location for mounting a tweeter...
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    I need a BMHM PROM Chip....

    i would shoot him an email with the issues you are having and see what he has to say. then let us know what he said.
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    I need a BMHM PROM Chip....
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    cam help for 350 tbi??

    being that you have things done like and are now adding a cam a cookie cutter tune will not work for you. you need a custom tune that is dialed into your truck. taking info off a form is not enough to make a good tune. you need data from the truck to go off of. once you get the cam installed you...
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    Nasty stock speakers!

    if you want clear crisp sound do 6.5 componets in the front doors off an amp and no rears with a 10" sub under or behind the seat. putting 6x9's in the rear will just mud the sound unless you spend big bucks on a processor.
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    My documented TBI-to-Vortec 350 conversion!

    are you tuning it yourself?
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    cam help for 350 tbi??

    are they local to you? have you contacted them yet. looking at there website they do not mention anything about what software you need on your computer, that makes me think they are making a custom tune off of a piece of paper you fill out(not a "custom" tune)
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    cam help for 350 tbi??

    what kind of truck is it? that cam looks good. that is what i was going to go with before i got the zz4 cam i have now. who do you plan on having tune the truck. there is a link in my sig to a good tuner if you can not find someone local.
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    I need a BMHM PROM Chip....

    how much did that thief charge you? if you don't mind. i also hope he gives you the right one. he seams to have problems using the wrong bin.(i know this from experience he got me for over $400 and i was left with a truck i couldent drive)
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    I need a BMHM PROM Chip....

    go to gearheadefi, create an account and contact eagle-mark. he can fix you up. he is the one that got my truck tuned in. just tell him what you need and if you have anything done to the truck that is non stock.
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    Jet 6 pack performance chip

    also do not go to tbichips. there is a company in idaho called EFI Tune let me say he knows his stuff when it comes to tuning. it will require a little bit of work on your end but it is more than worth it. to get in touch with him go to this link, create an account and send eaglemark a pm...
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    Got it tuned in finally!

    ya he likes to use the tune for a 7004 that is what he used for my 4l60e that is why it almost burnt up the trans.