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    Found this today. Need advice

    What do you guys think would be the best way to fix this? Just try replacing the u bolts? Should I just hit the yards looking for a new axle? I’m assuming that mount is welded on? I don’t have a welder.
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    Open Element question

    Looks good to me. Did you notice any increase in responsiveness with that setup?
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    Open Element question

    I meant the stock intake setup. The engine needs to come out for a rebuild. Truck still runs fine but is far from it's former glory. I haven't decided for sure if I want to rebuild or LS swap. I know how to do a rebuild and shouldn't be too big of a problem getting the truck back on the road. An...
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    Open Element question

    If I put one on it would largely be for cosmetics cause the stock setup is an eyesore. If I could gain some throttle response I would consider that a bonus. I was just curious about the cowl hood cause I have one laying around that I don’t plan to use unless it could be beneficial.
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    Open Element question

    I've read through a lot of threads on here about different air intake systems. I know most of you aren't fans of the open element "hot air intake" style setups with the volant being the only one considered an improvement over factory. What I haven't seen is much discussion on is the effects of a...
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    Milwaukee m18/m12 tools

    I have quite a few Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools. I love them. I did assembly work until a couple of years ago and ran a lot of impacts and drills. I had always had dewalt before and had some batteries so I just went with them. Over the years it was fine up until maybe 5-6 years ago and I started...
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    Advice on LS Swap

    Well I went to pullapart today and found a 2004 Yukon with a 5.3. Looking up the vin says it's a L59. I'm considering trying to pull it tomorrow. Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Can I reuse my power steering pump or do I need to pull it too? I'm going to take the rest of the accessories...
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    Advice on LS Swap

    Lol. Unfortunately not.
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    Rear disc brakes

    I thought the Little Shop Manufacturing conversion kit was pretty well liked here? I was going to get their front upgrade and rear disc conversion. My 92 is terrifying in emergencies. Don't want to go that route if it's not worth it.
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    Advice on LS Swap

    Part of my reasoning for possibly doing it that way is knowing the history of the truck and knowing I have everything I need from the donor. Thought it might be easier. This will be my first engine swap where I wasn't putting the factory intended engine back in so I'm trying to keep the number...
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    Advice on LS Swap

    Wanted to get some opinions on the best route for my 1992 GMC K1500 RCSB. I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd with the flex fuel 5.3 in it. It's been my daily driver for a few years and was my mom's truck before she wasn't able to drive anymore so I know it's history since new. It currently...
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    Stock ride height

    I have a 1992 GMC K1500. It’s a Z71, 5.7, Automatic, Regular cab with step side bed. I’ve had it for 20 years. Ever since I’ve bought it it’s had 32x11.5 on it and little to no rake. I’ve always assumed it had been cranked a little. I am about to rebuild everything on the truck and I plan on...
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    Wipers only working on high

    I heard an engine guy from GM once say that if the ground strap on the back of the block on an sbc is bad it can cause phantom wipers. They kind of do their own thing. I have no idea if that could cause your problem but it's an easy thing to check.
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    What's the most comfortable seat you've found?

    I was at the fair yesterday and sat in a Shelby F150. It had the most comfortable truck seat I've ever sat in. I've been pondering a long time on what kind of seats I wanted to fit into my 92 GMC regular cab. What's everyone's opinion on the most comfortable seat you've found? I want something I...
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    Source for factory or replacement seat bases?

    I'm not positive if your truck is the same. I have a 91 and two 92 1500 trucks. Bench and buckets. I've been able to grab a couple of extra sets for my own projects at pullapart in okc. If you have one near you they should be easy to find. Lqk self service would work too.
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    Opinions on LS Swap

    Hello Everyone. I was hoping to get some opinions from those more experienced. I have a 1992 GMC K1500 Z71. I'm considering swapping in an 6.0 LS engine. I have a chance to buy what is supposed to be and LS2 out of a Trailblazer SS with 6.2 heads, springs, push rods, and intake of a 2013 Camaro...