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  1. Erik the Awful

    stuff that catches my eye

    ...but scrapping one of those out is serious work. You start with having to tow an oversize vehicle that might not be structurally sound. A non-running RV is worthless.
  2. Erik the Awful

    454ss Decal locations

    Take the time to lay some blue tape down and position it perfectly. Then it's just a matter of sliding the decal in place to butt up against the tape.
  3. Erik the Awful

    New crate motor?

    That's why I said "Just FYI" and not "I recommend". Pick your battles. A company that aggressively fights to escape their warranty is not likely to get my business. This is the number one mark against me replacing my Mustang with another Mustang. Ford dealerships make a Ford warranty worthless...
  4. Erik the Awful

    The Plow Truck: 99 454 CCSB

    When I was a dealership technician, we often got used cars from auction that had obviously been repos. The wheel key would be missing and it would be up to me to get the wheel off. I had a cheap 12 point socket that I'd hammer down onto the locking lug, and it never failed to get them off. Now...
  5. Erik the Awful

    New crate motor?

    Just FYI, the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act says a manufacturer can't void a warranty just because you do the work yourself. Of course, companies violate the MMWA all the time, and very rarely does someone lawyer up and challenge them.
  6. Erik the Awful

    Back glass.

    I don't even bother trying to do my own glass. I have a local auto glass guy who will come to my house and replace a windshield for about $250. Once I get back to work on Roscoe I plan on having him come out and reinstall the rear window.
  7. Erik the Awful

    Coolant temperature flucuates

    What 454cid said. If you used the TBI water pump on the Vortec block, the coolant bypass is missing. You can either reroute the hoses to use the Vortec's on-pump bypass, or you can pull the water pump back off and drill the bypass hole in the block. There's also a bypass hole in the passenger...
  8. Erik the Awful

    Can I see y’all’s x pipe setups?

    2.5" dual exhaust with a custom crossmember to clear the cats.
  9. Erik the Awful

    1967 Dodge D100

    I hear "light your wallet on fire". We researched building a cheap dry sump for our race car, but "cheap" and "dry sump" don't go in the same sentence. It's four figures for a decent setup. There aren't any discounts for used parts, either.
  10. Erik the Awful

    A/C compressor short cycling, a bit of advise please.

    I'm just glad that I'm not imagining things.
  11. Erik the Awful

    A/C compressor short cycling, a bit of advise please.

    I'm glad you got it sorted! Not all. I was pretty sure my orifice tube was in a separate line. I checked the manual, and in '88-91 the orifice tube is in a single piece of A/C line. Here's the location underhood:
  12. Erik the Awful

    Door breakdown tips/ to-do’s

    What year? My biggest tip would be to spend a full day on each door. Lube the latch and lock assembly. Pull the power lock actuator and clean or replace it. If your lock cylinders are bad, take the opportunity to replace them. Replace your weatherstripping. Replace the window wiper strip...
  13. Erik the Awful

    Passenger wheel pushed out

    When my race team built our first BMW, it had been wrecked front and rear and the previous owner had attempted to weld it back together himself. The entire front clip was shoved over towards the driver's side 3/4". It would only sit on three jackstands at a time. The suspension was adjustable...
  14. Erik the Awful

    How low would you go.

    If you cut the springs with a torch you'll change the temper. If you use a cutoff wheel you won't.
  15. Erik the Awful

    '89 Stepside "Way Cool Jr."

    Dude, if I don't even have the money for the stroker kit, I sure don't have money for that. If I had the money I'd go that route, but I'm still trying to score a cheap beater.
  16. Erik the Awful

    stuff that catches my eye

    The jank level is high in this one.
  17. Erik the Awful

    96 C3500 RCLB aka Stumpy

    My Cadillac seats are thick like that. I'm 6' tall and if I were any closer to the steering wheel I wouldn't drive it. The regular cab pickups are just about 3" too short.
  18. Erik the Awful

    A/C compressor short cycling, a bit of advise please.

    I was thinking that line is about two feet long, easily removable with the flare for the orifice tube in the front end. Am I thinking of a different vehicle?
  19. Erik the Awful

    1996 LS400 “build”

    The exhaust fitment on that is going to have to be a lot tighter than on a truck. Don't wimp out and say "good enough" on bad fitment. In my experience, exhaust shops are wildly differing on prices. I've had bad shops do poor work and want a mint, and I've had a good shop charge less than I...
  20. Erik the Awful

    '98 Busurban Storm Chase Vehicle Build

    The worst part is that you'll never get rid of all the broken glass. You can strip the cab, take it down to bare metal, refurbish it with new parts, and three years later you'll drop your phone under the seat and find a couple more pieces of glass in the carpet.
  21. Erik the Awful

    Build a hypothetical 3500HD.

    The bags of gas in the trunk reminds me of my adventures in South America. When our church mission team was in Colombia, we had to hire some local kids to drive us to a site on motorcycles. It was only a five-mile ride, but halfway there they all stopped at a house and the lady inside brought...
  22. Erik the Awful

    '89 Stepside "Way Cool Jr."

    I got my sister-in-laws inherited Explorer finished up and given to her last Friday. Then I pulled the Mustang into the shop and replaced the inner tie rod ends because the steering was getting scary. The day I finished that job my wife's Chrysler 300 developed a hard miss, so immediately got it...
  23. Erik the Awful

    AWD 99 2 Door Tahoe Build

    It sounds like you used old parts? With camber change I'd suspect control arm bushings or upper ball joints.
  24. Erik the Awful

    A/C compressor short cycling, a bit of advise please.

    It's not crazy hard to take that line out and shoot some compressed air through it from the back end.