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  1. GMC-Borg

    UnderHood Light / Replacement

    I wired an LED light strip at top of hood connected to a toggle switch mounted to 12V terminal cover. Truck also has the 30 ft wind up light next to battery.
  2. GMC-Borg

    Why are 88's-98's special?

    I'm the original owner of my 94 k1500 with 250000 miles. Pretty much refurbished it and added 6 inch lift kit. Last project was redoing interior which was gutted, dynamat soundproufed with killer sound system. Currently changing out 6 body mounts which I suppose should be changed after 250000...
  3. GMC-Borg

    Side Molding and Trim After Painting or Not?

    I left the trim off when I did my 94 and added a few changes such as the wheel well flare kit. I also added RoughCountry 6 inch lift kit.