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    98 4/6 drop

    Nice work on the rockers. Where did you order them? Happy with the quality?
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    67-72 or 73-87 suburban rear bumper on c1500

    This style bumper. 67-72 c10
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    67-72 or 73-87 suburban rear bumper on c1500

    Center console looks great. Can you post a picture of your 67-72 gmt400 bumper swap?
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    67-72 or 73-87 suburban rear bumper on c1500

    I'm interested as well. Has anyone ever tried this?
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    Stock 305 cam.

    89 Cheyenne
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    Stock 305 cam.

    Hi all, I was doing some research on the stock engine in my truck and read on Wikipedia the 305 TBI (L03) has a hydraulic roller cam. Does anyone know of this is true?
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    ***** Any 2" / 4" lowers trucks out there???? ******

    This looks great, what size tires?
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    Best Cab Patch Panels Currently?

    Did you end up getting them from ebay or cooltrucks?
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    88-94 Factory Stereo Info

    Thank, that points me in the right direction. Did all trucks 88-94 have a CDM, even ones without cassette or EQ?
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    88-94 Factory Stereo Info

    I have an 89 Cheyenne. Does anyone know the correct part number for the setup with just the am/fm stereo near the instrument cluster? My truck has the storage compartment in the center dash, no eq or cassette player.
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    (88-94) Wanted a new radio with factory looks and modern features, RetroSound installed!

    Can you change the color of the LCD? The retrosound website shows white and your pictures show green.
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    78-82 Corvette wheels

    Any trucks out there running 78-82 corvette wheels? I haven’t seen it before and wonder if it would be a good combination.
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    No power to distributor or coil

    Thank you for the feedback. I found the problem, not what I expected and not something that would occur “naturally”. The previous owner installed a 95 lumbar seat and wired the pneumatic pump into the pink 12v distributor/coil feed. He cut the feed, ran a wire through the firewall under the...
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    No power to distributor or coil

    Hello All, First time posting here. I have an 89 c1500, 5L TBI, 2wd. The engine turns over like a champ but won’t start. There is no power to the distributor or coil with the key in the ON/start position (measured from the pink wires to ground). I do measure 12v from the pink injector wires...