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    Roller cam conversion or new engine

    I wouldnt hold your breath waiting for your cam to go bad. I have a1989 GMC that’s got 396,000 miles on original TBI 350 v8 and it’s never been touched Internally. The most I ever did was replace a alternator and a waterpump. Other than a oil and filter changes or a tune up I’ve never...
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    1996 GMC K3500 Dually Build

    most GMT400s in my area are either hammered or completely stripped by pros the first day out in the yard. I was searching for a single cab behind the bench seat tool tray/storage shelf thing and the cover and they were all gone. I ended up scoring one but it took 7 trips to the yard to get it...
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    1988 C1500 can’t find big enough ball joint HELP!!

    My 89 has that issue. Ended up that the the hole where the ball joint press fit elongated enough that the press fit wasn’t a press fit. I just replaced the AArm.
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    new owner of a 1989 GMC Sierra 1500

    Welcome. Nice truck. It’s a even more rare single cab stepside short bed. Are you gonna keep not original or modify it?
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    So my buddy called me…

    No. It’s non op so no registration fees piling up. It can sit there for years. I had to put some new tires on it cause the old ones were so rotted they wouldn’t hold air anymore. It it’s not financially or physically dragging me down if that’s what you’re asking
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    So my buddy called me…

    I think its the higher output 5.0 because it has the functional Ram air system. Those Lear Sigler seats are a rare option also. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on it. I may not do Anyang for a while. I have a few other projects and my wife’s health is deteriorating...
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    Conventional 5W-30 No Longer Available?

    I’ve done 5k oil changes cause it works for me. As far as when I inspect my car I like doing it when I do my oil. It works with my busy schedule. I have no interest in paying $40 in doing the oil analysis because I have No interest in doing 10k oil changes. let’s assume I take the oil in get...
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    Conventional 5W-30 No Longer Available?

    I doubt you’ll get 10k OCI. Ill never leave that long of a OCI. At most I would do is 5k. I may push 5500/6,000 if I run out if time and can’t do it that day it’s due say it’s at 149,890 and I was busy that weekend I may drive that week and wait till 150, 4xx till Saturday. Maybe push another...
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    Conventional 5W-30 No Longer Available?

    My Crown Vic calls for 5-20. I use synthetic and change at 5k. But I drive 130 miles a day. So a oil change for me is every 8 weeks
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    Front End Rebuild-K2500 Burban

    Forget Mevotech. I did a neighbors 2001 Silverado abd he wanted the Mevotech stuff. Ijust checked it all over avd it’s wearing out. So far he got three years out of it. It may go another 1/2 before he needs new Ball joints And tie rod ends. if you can find Dana Spicer fir your application get...
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    Conventional 5W-30 No Longer Available?

    Lots of companies are going with syn-blend or synthetic oil. the typical “Dino” regular oil is going away. It’s still available here and there but I see less of it. Most cars today are W0/5-10/20/30. even the basic 15-40 diesel I usually get is hard to find. Last time i went out to TSC they...
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    So my buddy called me…

    update. Got it running over the weekend.
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    Solder vs crimps

    Sure. They are also weather pack connectors clipped and secured. Most people tend to go buy some cheap connectors and then use a pair of pliers or a tool that wasn’t designed to crimp such connector or wire. Will it work? Yeah for a while. It may be slightly loose so you may get intermittent...
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    Solder vs crimps

    I use these connectors that are solder and shrink wrap. I’ve been unsung those for years on trailer light connections and car electrical systems. They come in different sizes to accommodate the thin and thick wiring that yiu come across on cars. A box full is $20. Back in the day pre internet it...
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    Spprecision 350 longblock for $1800

    Description states 4 bolt main then the specs state two bolts main. Anyone can make a engie look pretty online in a pic and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Engine shows a roller cam set up also. Yiu can see the roller plate. Also allumimum heads. Cheapest set I know is the summit TBI heads...
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    1998 K1500 for my boy

    Clean truck. As far as the power train get what came with it. 350’or 383 and the whatever trans. The is way it’s all plug and play KISS you’re not reinventing the wheel.
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    Long Bed -----> Short Bed conversion questions

    That’s not how you shorten a long bed to short bed frame. Before you do anything please research what it takes to do a frame chop I would go buy a short bed frame. As soon as you cut into the long bed frame it’s no longer original. Swapping the bed also kills the original part. I rather get a...
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    What's Worth Keeping

    ECM ans various bcm or abs modules. Any harnesses for wiring. Glass is good. Interior trim seat belts etc. great if you wanna sell stuff like that
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    Slight rant - what’s with all the cheap ass lift kits?

    Last thing you wanna do if you can’t afford the current prices with the factory truck is lift your truck. You’ll just get worse mpg.not to mention the cost of the lift, install labor, wheels, tires, regear axle or axles, and usually need better shocks as lift kits don’t come with any or they...
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    Slight rant - what’s with all the cheap ass lift kits?

    I dot think you understand how companies make money on kits. What’s “plenty”? 5000? 10,000? Plenty of trucks in your area means nothing. Let’s assume there are 10,000 of those trucks in your area. Which is a lot. Out of all those trucks how many owners are looking to actually lift the truck...
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    Slight rant - what’s with all the cheap ass lift kits?

    Most lift companies aren’t gonna put a ton of R&D on what’s a 20/30 year old design. And there just aren’t many of these trucks running around where people are gonna pay 2500 bucks just for a lift kit. Not including tires wheels regear inch and labor for all that. Potentially you could be...
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    1993 C3500 Cummins or Duramax Swap ?

    It’s only for commercial registered business vehicles. Private owned vehicles are exempt. It’s not a blanket ruling. Yes. You remove the commercial style bed and install a normal bed and register it as a private vehicle.
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    1990 OBS shortbed - Project DirtyRed

    Looks good to me as is. It’s a bit old school which I like. Everybody has 20+ wheels. Be different. Most wheels today are are ugly as crap. Keep the Cragars. Run some 275/60/15 Personally I removed my side moldings. And I always wanted them back. When yiu remove them after this amount of time...
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    Questions regarding lifting a 98 chevy 2wd long bed truck

    Don’t use blocks and add a leafs man. Spend the money and buy lift sprigs. It’s not that much more and your axle will be a lot happier.
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    Bed sag

    Yeah that’s true. Although there are less and less places where you can drive on the beach. At least out here on the West coast.