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  1. GMTMark

    97 K3500 7.4l spitting, sputtering, backfires, and stalls

    11.7 volts is too low imo. Start simple by checking the battery (should be 12.5 at least with engine not running). If the battery checks good then crank the engine and test again; you should be getting 13.5 to 14v. If not then you have either a bad alternator or bad positive wire from alternator...
  2. GMTMark

    WTB hood.

    I’ll keep you in mind. Actually I haven’t aggressively pursued one locally. Thanks.
  3. GMTMark

    WTB hood.

    I appreciate the offer but shipping would be a killer. Thanks.
  4. GMTMark

    4l60e need help

    Code 66 shows to be low or high pressure in the AC system so that should be unrelated to that issue in your transmission. I think you might have a harness problem. Check the big connection going into the tranny and make sure it is lined up and connected well. It could also be a problem in the...
  5. GMTMark

    Anti-Seize or Nah?

    I'm simply not going there! OMG, how you left yourself open, or maybe my mind is just warped..o_O
  6. GMTMark

    Transmission swap help/instructions

    The 96 still has the shallow pan and one-piece case. That year and before the converter clutch was absolute lockup and they were made of various compounds. Later models had pwm that allows a controlled slip. All the pwm converters hav a woven carbon material. Don’t worry about that because your...
  7. GMTMark

    Transmission swap help/instructions

    Good advice from the previous posts. It would be nice to have a donor truck.
  8. GMTMark

    I build transmissions

    Please refer to my previous reply. I do much more than average shops on my basic rebuild. I much prefer to quote per job.
  9. GMTMark

    I build transmissions

    Great! I’m in Shelby County in Southwest Tennessee near Memphis. 290k miles is a real testimonial for servicing a transmission. I prefer at this time to do carry outs due to limited space. I work at my home as a sideline since I’m 68 years old and I don’t have a lift. Lying under these vehicles...
  10. GMTMark

    I build transmissions

    Anybody need a transmission? I can build to your needs. Rebuild yours or build one for you. I’m not cheap but I don’t compromise on quality. Specializing in 4L60E, 700R4, Turbo 350, 400 and Powerglide. Reply or pm me for a quote.
  11. GMTMark

    The build of "Wh4t3v3rs"

    The note is too close to my monthly income.
  12. GMTMark

    HELP no spark

    Could it be VATS? Also the ‘98 and ‘96 have different ecm’s even though they are both black boxes. I don’t know the differences. HPTuners works well with my ‘98 but they don’t support either ‘96 or ‘97 (something like that).
  13. GMTMark

    WTB hood.

    I need a good stock hood for my ‘98 GMT. I’m sure I can find one at a salvage yard but I’d rather someone on this forum be able to benefit from a sale. I’m willing to travel within 100 miles of the Memphis, Tn area. I’m sure shipping is prohibitive considering how inexpensive a used hood should be.
  14. GMTMark

    91 suburban still Dead in the water no pulse at injectors

    I agree with getting a scan tool. Heck, you can buy a nice one for half the money you’ve already spent. Another item is the fuel pump. I’ve seen new fuel pumps for these vehicles that never pump the first drop. Also I’ve seen new pumps that run great for about 5 to 10 minutes (that includes AC...
  15. GMTMark

    Shaking in OD Under Load

    The 1998 trucks have PWM (pulse width management). This is a feature that allows a controlled slip of the torque converter clutch while it is engaged. Yours being a replacement transmission you could have a converter mismatch. It’s a lot to explain here so short story is you could have a worn...
  16. GMTMark

    Make a 4l60e TCC stay locked until braking?

    I’m not sure about this but I’m thinking it would be hard to make a tcc stay locked but unlock for all shifts. I have HPTuners but I don’t know enough about it when it comes to all ecm/tcm applications.
  17. GMTMark

    Make a 4l60e TCC stay locked until braking?

    Install a two-pole pressure switch like the one found in a 700r4 valve body and screw it into the overdrive test port in your transmission case (I think most 4l60e’s have that) then wire into it a 12v ignition on power source. Then wire the out port to the wire that goes through the transmission...
  18. GMTMark

    Rear end gear ratios

    Mine is a 4.10 up from a 3.42 with a Yukon posi, Moser axles and 255/60/15. It's a 4L60E and I plan to drag race it. With a Yank 3200 it will snap your neck. Most people do recommend the 3.73 for the street due to the low 1st gear in the 4L60E but I'm quite happy with mine. To me there's not a...
  19. GMTMark

    Adj FPR mounting and the NHRA.

    My local NHRA inspector would not allow a FPR on the firewall no matter how it's plumbed. The whole assembly is exposed to a flywheel or flex plate explosion. The fuel line is supposed to be run outside the frame until it is in front of the area where the transmission joins the block. Therefore...
  20. GMTMark

    Fan clutch staying locked on.

    That’s the way it’s done.
  21. GMTMark

    I need help with my 1990 454SS

    Yes, Holly Springs will likely be my track. It’s about a two hour drive from me where Memphis International Raceway is about 30 minutes. Holly Springs is a good track.
  22. GMTMark

    I need help with my 1990 454SS

    Very Nice! I think I'll hit the show circuit if mine turns out ok. Our local track is closing. It's a track that saw several NHRA National events (Mid-South Nationals) and is first class. It is due to be demolished to make way for warehouses if the buyers can get a zoning change. That leaves me...
  23. GMTMark

    A couple hiccups can’t figure out

    I could be way off course but my wife's '94 S10 Blazer 4.3 had the same problem as you describe. A friend that works on these regularly said that carbon buildup under the egr valve will chip off and get under the egr valve and not allow it to close properly. it's almost impossible to clean it...
  24. GMTMark

    I need help with my 1990 454SS

    I like the looks! will definitely check it out.
  25. GMTMark

    A/C compressor not cycling on

    A few years ago I bought a kit from Auto Zone with a little battery operated UV flashlight. I don't remember the exact price but it was very cheap and I still use it.