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    My first Chevy

    Heads up. If the battery cables are funky, You must do the "Big Three". These trucks are notorious for bad grounds causing a lot of stress and problem chasing for no reason. New grounds, new cables to starter and alternator. It looks like it will clean up good. Congratulations !!!
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    454ss Decal locations

    The tailgate decal bottom lines up with the bottom of the tail lights from left to right. If you got the ONLY decals you should by which are Phoenix Graphics, they should offer you a placard or diagram on the side decals. Put the decals on only with DAWN soap and warm water. Float them on and...
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    Start by checking fuel pressure and flow.
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    1994 Sierra Radio won’t power on

    Just pull the unit and check for power. No power, wiring or fuse. Simple.
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    Welding on newer seats that have airbags?

    Unbolt the seat from the frame, no chance of air bag inflation. This will give you more access as well to do a proper welding job. You do not need the seat or the bracket to break in a crash. SAFETY FIRST !!!!
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    Wanted: Clutch Pedal and Bracket

    American powertrain sells a kit. Brand new and no headaches,
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    Seat fitment question

    Generally 1971-1987 were the square bodies. 1988-1998 were the obs body which you have. Unfortunately the seats would not cover all the years listed. I can not tell from the listing which ones they are.
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    Riggs - My 2000 Chevy 3500 4x4 CCLB work truck and family play machine

    Good deal. It will be worth 10k by friday !!!!!
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    1999 C1500 GMC Suburban 5.7 fuel issue

    You have a vats issue. Been there. The dead give away is that it runs with an external fuel source. I chased this problem before. Replace the vats module with a rebuilt unit or boneyard unit, or have a tuner disable it.
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    Moog VS Mevotech Price VS Quality

    The Mevotech TTX are excellent. The moog is no good !!!!
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    14 bolt swap question

    It will be a little work hunting, there are 14 bolt rears with 6 lug axles. Why go through the trouble. I have one in mine. 1998 k1500 z71 gmc sierra. They do exist. You need to make sure the ratio is the same in the front and the back.
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    Gauge panel - Speedometer

    1988-1994 is the same. There are 2 clusters. One for manual transmission and one for automatic. dakota digital makes a direct bolt in new for $850.
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    Airbags Sensors

    Clock spring with drivers air bag. Control module under drivers seat, the part number is on it and must match !!! Passenger air bag, you will need to dye the cover or find a match. You will also need to fabricate a mount for it using the existing mount otherwise the dash needs to be...
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    Cloudy Paint Options

    Looks like the clear is de laminating from the color. It will probably flake off soon.
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    Will 98 extended cab power bucket seats fit my 98 reg cab?

    All the gmt 400 platforms, the floor mounts are all the same. All are interchangable. The only problem you would run into would be if you put a rcsb seat in an extended cab, you would not have the mechanism for entering and exiting. Therefore you would switch over the base. The floor has...
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    92 C1500 2WD front disc brake dust shields, available?

    Good luck my friend. Not available aftermarket and the oem ones were so thin they just dissappeared.
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    odd smoking

    Warped block, Sounds like it overheated bad.
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    Building an Overland Suburban

    The real question is the wheel base. Just a note, on the 2000 and up nbs trucks the FBI actually could order a k3500 suburban. I have seen them come up on ebay from time to time and when checking the vin number, sure enough it exists.
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    Multiple Electric Issues? Coincidence or Not?

    Start by checking the big 3. CHECK YOUR GROUNDS FIRST !!! Too many issues at the same time.
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    No Reverse 4L80

    Any codes???
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    Having my new-to-me '96 GMC K2500 Suburban completely repainted

    The profit is low due to the high cost of the materials. Last full paint job I did on a 1999 k1500 suburban lt, just the materials, ONLY PPG, AGAIN ONLY PPG, cost $2000 with masking paper, plastic, tape, edge foam, bc, cc, and primer.
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    91 k1500 question

    The bearings only wear out in the column because people are too lazy to use the grab handle to enter and exit the vehicle and use the steering wheel as a handle.
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    95 Chevy seat question

    1995-1998 Is all the same. These have the new interior.