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  1. 454cid

    3500HD handles/rods

    Richard, he seems to be back in stock, now.
  2. 454cid

    My 454 Rebuild

    Oh, meaning they all show up as Random Multiple Misfire? P0300, I think?
  3. 454cid

    My 454 Rebuild

    This makes no sense to me. Where did you learn this?
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    Coolant temperature flucuates

    What water pump and accessories are you using? Between TBI and Vortec, one has an internal coolant bypass and the other doesn't.
  5. 454cid

    What are the differences between 1998 and 1999 classic?

    I almost always look up my parts online ahead of time. The few times I do not, I don't have a problem, but that could be becasue I have a 1-ton and there was no GMT-800 3500's yet.... that didn't happen until 2001. Is your truck actually badged as a "classic"? Mine is an "LS" since the...
  6. 454cid

    Brake line burst

    I guess if you lost all of it. I didn't do any special bench bleed procedure when I replaced my rear line, but I probably didn't lose everything either. Shurkey has more experience on this than I do, so go with his advice.
  7. 454cid

    Brake line burst

    You shouldn't need to bench bleed it, it's already bled. Just install new line and bleed that.
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    Battery Question

    I've read a theory that says it's dirt and mositure buildup that makes a slight circuit. I've got one sitting on my garage floor now.
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    The Plow Truck: 99 454 CCSB

    I always wanted to use polished copper on my old Mk3 Supra. I even had a piece of old copper sewer pipe to do it. I ended up selling the car, Though. I'm not sure what my IAT's do while driving. I just don't look at them much. I really should get a better scanner or software to look at...
  10. 454cid

    The Plow Truck: 99 454 CCSB

    You have a tru CAI sitting right there in the picture. What don't you like about it? K47 is just a larger filter element that goes in the same box.
  11. 454cid

    Battery Disconnect

    My uncle had a knife switch go bad, but I think it took quite awhile. Do they go on the ground or positive side? I'd be a little leery of having a large exposed thing connected to the positive side that could possibly catch something. When I've disconnected a battery, it's been on a vehicle...
  12. 454cid

    95 Chevy silv2500 victimized

    Really bad voice to text maybe? You got "marketplaced"?
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    1988 K3500 454 engine oil cooler lines

    Looking at Rockauto I'm not sure if they have what he needs... the transmission seems to matter even though it's engine oil and the selection looks slim.
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    Need Help with this part as cannot find it

    Looks like there are two pairs of wires, and each pair connects to a ring connector and both ring connectors are on the same stud. Use two ring connectors, or four, it won't matter electrically.
  15. 454cid

    The Plow Truck: 99 454 CCSB

    I had a PCV plug in mine for awhile, but it was actually a bit too small. When I decided to remove it, it looked like I may have had a small leak there, but I don't have any data, like fuel trims, to back that up. I put the Vortec box back, and I think I had over tightened that at one point, too.
  16. 454cid

    The Plow Truck: 99 454 CCSB

    Is there something jammed in the air intake where the Vortec box normally fits? Both upper and lower arms??? I wouln't trust anything that shop says. Lower arms have never been wear parts on our trucks. Sounds like they're quoting all the parts in hopes you're a sucker.
  17. 454cid

    Mark IV 7.4L engine 1989 K3500

    How did this engine get a shovel full of dirt and grass clippings in it? Last year there was a early truck at the auction house I go to.... MK4 454, but partially stuck, from down south or out west. I would have loved to have had it, as you usually don't find them in MI anymore, in good...
  18. 454cid

    Mark IV 7.4L engine 1989 K3500

    The first couple of years of the Vortec 454 used the smaller pushrods, but those aren't Vortec heads in the picture.
  19. 454cid

    Blackbear has made some changes

    Agree with letitsnow, especially with the 454 it doesn't seem to be a strait forward swap.
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    Pic of heater hose connections 1993 7.4?

    What I mean is that I'm suprised it wasn't up front, like my Chevy 454, Buick 430, and Buick 350, and earlier carbed Chevy engines I've seen online. The rear of engine port is kinda weird to me. I guess it could mean a shorter run of hose, which wouldn't be bad. Does the "new" truck have the...
  21. 454cid

    Ground points 7.4

    OP, is your truck ca emmisions?
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    Pic of heater hose connections 1993 7.4?

    Interesting, I would have assumed it would be in the same spot as the vortec as that pretty well follows the carb placement that I've seen on GM v8s.
  23. 454cid

    Passenger wheel pushed out

    Isn't that just a difference in toe?
  24. 454cid

    Ground points 7.4

    Okay responding to my own pos,t it looks like I was wrong. I checked quickly on my way to work and all I could see was one wire going to each stud so two wires total. Unless there was a third wire angled just right to where I couldn't see it.
  25. 454cid

    Ground points 7.4

    I think they all go to one stud....isn't the other one a bolt?